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Samsung Fame MMs

Setting up one of these for mums Christmas pressie...

Got messages to say the MMS settings would be sent... But they haven't? Have requested a resend and still can't find them to save them??

Help ASAP as I need to wrap the phone up for tomorrow!!
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Re: Samsung Fame MMs

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Try again from here http://www.o2.co.uk/support/generalhelp/howdoi/getphonesettings 


or text ACTIVE to 2020


or input the APN settings manually to which the settings are here http://www.geeksquad.co.uk/articles/chapter/595-04-how-to-set-apn-settings-for-the-02-mobile-network


Hope your mum enjoys her prezzie.


A point to note : MMS sending is not taken out of PAYG or contract Allowances and the internet needs to be toggled on. 


25p for payg.

35p for contract.

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Re: Samsung Fame MMs

Usually (in 99% of the times) the phone automatically picks up the info from the sim and the phone is set up the first time you turn on.
Don't worry about the message as you get that everytime you put a new sim in any phone.
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