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Morning Guy's,

                    I have a Samsung Galaxy s20 and it will not keep its connection with my wifi!!Every 2 minutes im having to reconnect to then get a message 'connection cannot be authenticated' it is driving me mental, good job i have a laptop lol, thanks in advance for any help, btw, ive tried resetting it and all that jazz and nothing is working! 

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Re: Problem


Have you tried forgetting the connection on your phone and then rebooting your router before trying to connect again?

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Re: Problem

Yes , done all that!! rofl

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Re: Problem

There is anecdotal talk of a fix on the below Samsung forum:
Apparently changing to a 5Ghz WiFi connection resolved on persons problems.
Someone else has reported fixing the issue by manually changing the MAC address of their phone (an alternative WiFi ID number).
Finally someone else set a static IP address and that seemed to fix their issue.
I would also check if there is an update due for the phone and the router in case the issue is at that end.

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Re: Problem

Hey @Annieg just checking if you are still having trouble with this or have you sorted this out?

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Re: Problem

Yes same prob, have tried all the above and had help from o2 but they're not offering anything more than a reset fgs!