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Playstation tethering

Tethering my devices has no issue normally, and im on unlimited data package, 4g download speed of over 100mbps, but for my ps4 it just cannot connect seamlessly. When I go to connected devices it keeps connecting then disconnecting. I use a samsung s8+. The only thing that seems to work is adding a proxy server but that affects download speed. Equally, removing wpx password sort of works but I dont want my hotspot freely available for obvious reasons. Any help solving this please?
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Re: Playstation tethering


Consoles rely on latency, which is a problem with Mobile Devices used for tethering as the latency can be as high as 1500ms or more.

I would also make sure the s8+ is using the 5Ghz wireless bands, as the 2.4Ghz band has a lot of interference from other devices on WiFi but also bluetooth etc.

There are some tips here from Sony
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Re: Playstation tethering

My phone doesnt have the 5ghz option it seems.

I think its a ps4 store conflict with phone tether as the connection is fine, just not to ps store. Could be to do with ps store ports. But we cant change security settings of a hotspot in this way can we?