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Re: OPPO reno 10zoom 5G

OK so in other words it's impossible to get 5g service in the UK?
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Re: OPPO reno 10zoom 5G

I'd contact customer service to see if they will whitelist your IMEI but you'll need an O2 5g contract first http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus
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Re: OPPO reno 10zoom 5G

OK I have received more information but not sure what to make if it. It all seems confusing.

[28/10, 11:25] Swisscom: Thank you, I checked again with my colleague and I want to apologize with you. In fact, Oppo Reno supports the 5G only in Switzerland.
[28/10, 11:25] Muhammad Kermali: Why is this the case?
[28/10, 11:26] Muhammad Kermali: So I asked you before.. What if the bands match? What frequency do you use?
[28/10, 11:26] Swisscom: Is not a question of bands but of restriction related to the country.
[28/10, 11:27] Muhammad Kermali: So
[28/10, 11:27] Muhammad Kermali: Would this ever get lifted?
[28/10, 11:31] Muhammad Kermali: So I can never get 5g to work in the UK ever?
[28/10, 11:35] Swisscom: At the moment no, you cannot have the 5G abroad. I honestly don't know if in the future there will be the unlock of it.
[28/10, 11:36] Muhammad Kermali: But how have you locked it?
[28/10, 11:36] Muhammad Kermali: Is it a hardware lock?
[28/10, 11:45] Swisscom: I'm now asking to the technicians, in order to give you a sure answer, since the 5G is a new thing for us.
[28/10, 11:45] Muhammad Kermali: Please do
[28/10, 11:46] Swisscom: At the moment we have a bands of 3500. In 2020 we will open also to 2500.
[28/10, 11:47] Muhammad Kermali: But even if they are similar to uk bands. You have removed them to work
[28/10, 11:47] Muhammad Kermali: But you say your phones are unlocked
[28/10, 11:48] Swisscom: Our phones support only a bans of 3500. Then, if you are using a UK's SIM card you should see with the local operator for further questions.
[28/10, 11:49] Muhammad Kermali: But have you locked 5g for only swisscom?
[28/10, 11:49] Muhammad Kermali: So does this mean my handset only supports 3500?
[28/10, 11:52] Swisscom: Can you please sent me the link of the page on our website where you saw the information about 5G only usable in Switzerland?
[28/10, 11:53] Muhammad Kermali: https://www.swisscom.ch/en/residential/mobile/devices_new/device_new.html/oppo-reno-5g-11040226?payO...
[28/10, 11:53] Swisscom: Thanks
[28/10, 12:01] Muhammad Kermali: Have you locked it with particular software?
[28/10, 12:03] Swisscom: They confirm me now that our website it is not fully correct. Actually the OPPO RENO doesn't work abroad with a Swisscom SIM Card. But if you are using an abroad SIM, then it depends on the local subscription and operator. The frequency depends on the contract and operator and not on the device itself. It is not like 3G and 4G, 5G does't depend on the device.
[28/10, 12:04] Muhammad Kermali: So is it possible for me to get 5g on a UK network if the frequency matches?
[28/10, 12:04] Swisscom: you can check on https://www.gsmarena.com/oppo_reno_5g-9676.php
[28/10, 12:05] Muhammad Kermali: That website isn't telling me anything
[28/10, 12:11] Swisscom: The OPPO RENO is not blocked on some frequency if you are using an abroad SIM and an abroad subscription. Swissom, for example has at the moment only the frequency 3500 but if you are using your device abroad it is not limited, the limit depends on the contract and antenna abroad.
[28/10, 12:12] Muhammad Kermali: So there should be no restriction on using 5g from a UK network?
[28/10, 12:14] Swisscom: Exactly, there are no restrictions due to the device. If there are, it is due to the local operator or kind of subscription.
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Re: OPPO reno 10zoom 5G

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Re: OPPO reno 10zoom 5G

Got a Reno 5G on O2 the other day which is unlocked. If it helps I found the following..

O2 sim gets 5G/4G/3G/2G
Three gets 5G/4G/3G/2G
EE gets 5G/4G/3G/2G (plus VoLTE & VoWiFi)
Voda gets 4G/3G/2G

That's on a UK supplied O2 handset using SIM cards all 5G enabled
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Re: OPPO reno 10zoom 5G

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[quote]Yes but how does the phone know to accept signal from o2 and not vodafone for example?[/quote]


I'm no rocket surgeon but if it has a O2 sim in it how can it receive a signal from Vodafone ? If it's dual sim you could try both

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