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Not impressed with O2 as my phone stopped working wouldn't go past the LG page turned itself off can't turn it on won't charge.
So went into store explained the problem was told immediately which phone I had (without me telling them) to be told it's a common fault with the phone by the guru and that my phone would have to be sent off to be replaced for free as under warranty this was Monday at 5pm
Wednesday 11am received a text saying they had received my phone
Thursday 10am received a text saying the problem with the phone isn't under warranty so sending it back
The same day Thursday at 5.22pm received a text saying phone was back at store
Today (Friday) went to store to find out that they have said there is water damage in the phone!! It hasn't been near water!! and I would have to pay £60 for a new phone!!!
I got in touch with the service centre as was obviously not happy about this the guy I spoke to was no use at all asked to speak to the manager, so was told he will ring me back on my number instead rung my husband so I rung the service centre back to get the guy to ring me on my phone was told he would ring back immediately
3.5 hours later I'm still waiting!!!
Not impressed with the service I feel like they are trying to rob me out of money and avoiding talking to me
What would anyone else do?
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Re: LG G4

Make a complaint to start with, then get the phone returned to you and send it to LG for a second opinion.
It's very common for them to "make up" water damage and it's something that has been reported often on here.
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Re: LG G4

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As said this is a common excuse from Anova who handle O2 repairs.

LG contact number here  http://www.lg.com/uk/support/contact/telephone

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Re: LG G4

Chap at work had a boot loop fault. Advised to go to LG directly by the place he got the phone from. Took about a week but got it sorted no charge.

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