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Block 0845,0800,0844 ect

hi there


i  want to find out if i can get thos number Block my mobil tho o2 cus if poss?




Thanks Derek J Collins

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Re: Block 0845,0800,0844 ect

As far as I'm aware O2 can't block national numbers such as you're asking. They can block premium rate number but the types of number you are wanting to block you would have to add them to the phone's blocked call settings. That would effectively stop incoming calls and o'g calls.

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Re: Block 0845,0800,0844 ect

Just dont dial those numbers!!


There is also an app called SayNoTo0870 you can download which provides alternative free numbers

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Re: Block 0845,0800,0844 ect

Hi Derek,

Do you mean out-going or incoming calls?
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