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O2 Drive - FAQ's

O2 Social Media Team
O2 Social Media Team
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Afternoon all,

As we've had some customers ask us more about our fantastic O2 Drive, we wanted to bring together some of the most common Q&A's for you to help clear things up and give you more info. For those unaware of O2 Drive or if you'd like to ask a question about it, you can check more info our on our announcement thread here from earlier in the year.

Question: Where do I send my no claims discount proof?
If the proof is from a UK insurer then simply send us your renewal notice or a letter from your last insurer. If the renewal notice is for a different vehicle than the one you’re insuring with us, we’ll also need documents to confirm that policy has ended.

The proof needs to be from the last two years, and needs to show:

  • your last policy’s expiry date
  • any claims or losses in the last five years
  • the name of the driver who earned the no claims discount
  • the number of years’ no claims discount.

We're unable to accept no claims earned on a van. If your proof is from an overseas insurer or a company vehicle then check out our extended FAQS

By email
Once you have all the information send it by email to Scan your documents and save the files as jpeg, pdf or png – just make sure the image is clear and we can read all the information we need. Make sure you include your policy number in the email too.

By post
If you want to post your documents to us, send the originals or scanned copies to:
O2 Drive Insurance Services
Unit 25 Tresham Road
Orton Southgate

Question: My journeys aren’t showing on the O2 Drive app.
If you find that some of your journeys aren’t recording on the O2 Drive app then please check the following:

  • Make sure you are signed into the app and the app is running in the background.
  • Check you have GPS enabled.

For Android:

  • Go to settings>Applications>Application manager>O2 Drive>Permissions and ensure location is switched to on
  • If on a Samsung device you may need to disable the smart manager

For iOS:

  • Check in your settings just to double check that O2 Drive has location permission set to ‘Always', it should have a purple arrow if it’s being used or been used recently
  • Also you should see that little location icon in the status bar at the top while the app is open, that will show that scoring has started


  • Try not to ‘force close’ the app as this will close down the app and it will miss any journeys until the app re-starts.
  • Make sure the phone can pick up a GPS signal by ideally using an in car holder on the dashboard or making sure your phone is not stored in a pocket or a handbag.
  • Journeys are stored temporarily on your phone until they are uploaded so check you have spare memory on your phone for storing the journeys.
  • Journeys are uploaded via WiFi so make sure you have connected recently. Connect to WiFi after you have completed journeys.
  • Sometimes journeys take up to 24 hours to come through
  • If your device has a ‘low power’ mode, this can stop some applications from working correctly to save battery. If you find some journeys aren’t being recorded, you may need to turn this mode off.

If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact

Alternatively, speak with us here on the Community - let us know your thoughts, or any issues you may have with O2 Drive here >

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