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Nokia 3310 3G. A classic, reborn.

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Hey guys,

With great pleasure I'd like to announce we've started selling the Nokia 3310 3G. For those of you too young to rememember, the Nokia 3310 is legendary and has become a cult icon of the mobile phone world. At Mobile World Congress earlier this year, Nokia announced the 3310 would make a return with a modern twist. And now, that same modern twist on the classic has gained another new feature - 3G!


It's available on O2 Pay As You Go and you can currently get it in 'Warm Red' or 'Charcoal' for just Β£19.99. Bargain!

If you're in the market for a tough budget handset that can take a beating, last up to 4 weeks between charges (lets see you try that with an iPhone or Samsung!), and still get into Facebook and Twitter - IN COLOUR - then this is what you want. Ohh, and it's got Snake too, in colour. Enough said.

Get yours right here

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Re: Nokia 3310 3G. A classic, reborn.

I own a Nokia 3310 3G and it’s a cracking phone.


any questions please ask

Need Help, Just ask. We are one big Family here in the o2 Forum.
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Re: Nokia 3310 3G. A classic, reborn.

Well...I feel as if I have entered a Time Warp...yahoo

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Re: Nokia 3310 3G. A classic, reborn.

@darrengf wrote:

I own a Nokia 3310 3G and it’s a cracking phone.


any questions please ask

I've got to ask.... why? Nostalgia? An emergency phone? Not that there's anything wrong in having one but there are obviously some advantages to this phone that I'm missing? 

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Re: Nokia 3310 3G. A classic, reborn.

If only you could get WhatsApp on it.
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