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New To O2 & Access For All Boards

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Hello all


As some of you are aware I reached out recently and confirmed I was reviewing the boards currently active in our Community, this is being done with a view to reducing the number of boards and simplifying our Community structure.


After evaluation, I've decided the New To O2 board, will be removed, as ALL of the threads at this location can be absorbed by the Products & Services, Welcome & News, or Discussion & Feedback boards.


Below are some examples of New to O2 threads and where they should sit on The Community in the future ↘️


Welcome to O2  - Welcome & News

eSIM -  Pay Monthly 

Rolling Plan - Pay & Go

Can't login to app - My O2, Pay Monthly or Pay & Go.


Next up is the Access For All Board, again most of the threads here, are not related to our Accessibility policy and are a real mash of queries that should be in other boards, some examples are below ↘️


New contract  - Pay Monthly 

Redeem Points  - Pay & Go

Text Messages  - Tech Support


We still need an area of the Community for members who find it difficult to access any of our services due to a disability or personal situation, so I will be creating a post to cover all information that a potentially vulnerable member will need, which will include how to register for our Access For You Service and how to make the most of the features on their current device.


If you have any questions or concerns, please ask 😁 

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My only query relates to your statement that :-


Welcome to O2  - Welcome & News


It looks to me that Welcome & News is a group of boards rather than a hyperlinked board that you can actually post to :-



If that is the case, I would have thought that Welcome to O2 would comfortably sit on the Discussions & Feedback board. 👍

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