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Introducing Volt – the new supercharged service from Virgin Media O2

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UPDATE: We've seem some repeat questions and common issues being raised. We've added an update here so if you're experiencing issues, please read this first and see our post-weekend update here too.


Good morning all. What a week this is going to be! This morning we have introduced Volt to the world, the new supercharged service from Virgin Media O2. Our press release was published here this morning with notes and sources, but I've copied the juicy bits below.


Whether you're an O2 customer, a VM customer, both, or none, you can check out our handy website here which will show you how you can get supercharged.


Can I get Volt benefits for everyone in my household who’s on O2?

If you have Virgin Media broadband in your name, you’ll be able to get Volt benefits for all O2 Pay Monthly plans in your name, in your household. But we’re expanding this. Soon, anyone in your household with their own O2 Pay Monthly plan will be able to get Volt benefits through the household’s Virgin Media broadband account. Keep an eye on My O2 and you’ll see the option to activate Volt benefits when it becomes available to you, and you can also stay up to date by visiting


_16-9 Screens_v001.jpg


First joint product gives customers the best of both brands, with even greater value on UK’s fastest major broadband provider and award winning mobile network


  • Volt marks the first major launch since Virgin Media and O2’s £31bn merger earlier this year
  • Gig 1 broadband available for the first time in a bundle, combined with an unlimited data O2 SIM and TV favourites
  • Existing customers simply need to register to get their services supercharged – for free
  • Volt brings faster broadband speeds, double mobile data and discounts

London, UK: Virgin Media O2 is today lifting the lid on its first ever joint product, Volt, bringing together award winning connectivity and amazing entertainment from both Virgin Media and O2, to give customers even more from their services – more speed, more data and more value.


Virgin Media and O2 customers can now supercharge their services and reap extra rewards simply by being customers of both brands. Volt offers double the broadband speed, double the mobile data and discounts on connected devices when customers have or choose to take a broadband service from Virgin Media and a Pay Monthly plan from O2. What’s more, customers with an O2 plan can access exclusive rewards, perks and experiences from Priority – one of the UK’s best loyalty initiatives.


The new joint offering comes less than 150 days since Virgin Media O2 launched, building on the company’s momentum of almost 13 million gigabit premises passed and 5G coverage from O2 expanded to 210 locations. Volt highlights Virgin Media O2’s commitment to offer more choice, convenience and innovation with seamless broadband, entertainment and mobile services all available under one roof.



Exclusive Virgin Media O2 Volt benefits include:

  • A broadband speed boost to the next tier available (e.g. 100Mbps boosted to 200Mbps)
  • Double mobile data on all eligible O2 Pay Monthly plans (e.g. 10GB boosted to 20GB)
  • Up to £150 off a connected device such as a tablet or smartwatch when taking a new O2 Pay Monthly Custom plan
  • WiFi Pods available to bolster connectivity around the home
  • Roaming in 75 countries including USA, Australia and Spain with O2 Travel

Volt is available to both new and existing customers, offering exclusive benefits to account holders no matter what broadband package or eligible Pay Monthly plan they take. Those new to either Virgin Media or O2 will be able to upgrade to Volt when they add relevant services to their connectivity line-up, while existing customers of both Virgin Media and O2 simply need to enrol via MyO2 to get their services supercharged – at no additional cost.


Jeff Dodds, Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media O2 said,

“With Volt, we’re combining the speed and reliability of Virgin Media’s broadband and O2’s mobile networks alongside a variety of incredible perks to give our customers more.

“The launch of converged services in less than 150 days as a business is a huge milestone moment and demonstrates the momentum we have behind our commitment to supercharge connectivity across the UK. This is just the start.”

This exciting milestone for Virgin Media O2 means that consumers who do not currently take services from either brand can supercharge their package with Volt from the get-go, with new bundles containing an O2 SIM and Virgin Media broadband available on 18 month contracts. The new packages include the ‘Big Volt’ bundle, ‘Bigger Volt’ bundle and ‘Ultimate Volt’ bundle, all of which come with the exclusive Volt benefits and boosts to offer customers more. Pricing for Volt bundles start from £40 per month for 200Mbps Broadband (boosted from 100Mbps), Talk More Weekends and a 10GB O2 SIM (boosted from 5GB). The top Volt bundle (Ultimate Volt bundle) includes Gig1 broadband, an unlimited data O2 SIM, tonnes of TV favourites and two TV 360 boxes, available for £99 per month.


Supercharging small businesses

Small businesses and start-ups who take a Voom broadband service from Virgin Media Business and an eligible O2 Small Biz tariff can also supercharge their services, with 4G start-up and back-up, double mobile data and exclusive perks from Priority.


Virgin Media O2 is the leading converged challenger in the market, pairing O2’s award winning mobile network and the UK’s fastest major broadband provider to enhance connectivity for customers at home and on the go. With Virgin Media’s rapid gigabit broadband rollout and O2’s commitment to deliver 5G to half the UK population in 2023, Virgin Media O2 is just getting started.

Hi. I'm from the Social Media Team.

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Same scenario as me......and I was told by VM that I would have to cancel etc but one option is to possibly create a new O2 account in the good lady's name and move your SIM into that....but I would be interested to see how you get on.

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I've got nowhere, i'm now outside of the 14 day cooling off period with 02, and still have 6 months left on VM contract.

So i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they hurry up and sort this mess out, otherwise in 6 months time, I will no longer be a VM customer (after 20+ years) and 6 months after that I will no longer be an 02 customer either.

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@Angry-Customer wrote:

I've got nowhere, i'm now outside of the 14 day cooling off period with 02, and still have 6 months left on VM contract.

So i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they hurry up and sort this mess out, otherwise in 6 months time, I will no longer be a VM customer (after 20+ years) and 6 months after that I will no longer be an 02 customer either.

As @MI5 did further up the thread, all we can do here is tag @Chris_K and see if he can offer any further advice, @Angry-Customer. He has been pretty busy of late, so... 🤞


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I'm not surprised he's busy, probably dealing with all the other angry customers on twitter, facebook and various other forums lol.

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Just spoke to O2 after trying to get my data doubled. The guy "convinced" me that the data showing on your account will remain your contracted data, and the Volt benefit will show as active under Bolt Ons. Nowhere does it show your new data allowance. Sounds like nonsense to me!

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It just shows double in your data allowance.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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The VOLT double data shows as your total data allowance but only your original contracted amount is shown under Tariff Details.


Day 16 and still waiting for VOLT on the O2 side.

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Total nonsense statement from customer service

It will always show on data available


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  • Roaming in 75 countries including USA, Australia and Spain with O2 Travel

"Exclusive extra" ...hardly. All users get the basic free "O2 Travel" bolt-on (sometimes have to ask them to add it, but it's free). Do they mean free "O2 Travel Inclusive Zone" or something else? 


God I hate ambiguous marketing speak!

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I try but my date dident go double 

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