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Re: Accepted Solutions on the O2 Community

@Cleoriff wrote:

@MI5 wrote:
And the welcome and news and o2 Priority boards too.

Yes...Though not to be confused with anyone asking a question about O2 Priority. Most of those will be given a solution.

Someone feel free to pirate my screenshot, red-line all the non-solution topics, and stick it into the main narrative up top... 


Confuse? You will be! Crazy LOL

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Re: Accepted Solutions on the O2 Community

Great Guide @Martin-O2 and should be very helpful for new members.

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Re: Accepted Solutions on the O2 Community

Thanks everyone for the feedback on this guide and solutions in general. If you think of any new tips in future you can jump on this thread and share them here. smiling


@pgn That's some good info on how solutions are not on every board. I'll get that worked into the guide at a later date. wink 

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