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Virgin to O2 swap rollout

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Recently swapped over from Virgin mobile to O2 due to the buyout of Virgin.

I expected my mobile signal at home to be better with the swap.... But it's not, it's just the same ( generally poor at my house)


But here's my question.

I have a dual sim phone. One sim is my Virgin mobile. And the other sim is Tesco mobile.

The Tesco mobile signal is excellent... 5 bars

My "Virgin mobile" signal is still the same... 1 to 2 bars....after my transfer to O2.

So.....Why, considering Tesco Mobile use the O2 network is my Virgin signal still poor?

If it's communicating with the O2 network, surely the signal strength should be the same for BOTH my sims?


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It wasn't a buy out it's a Joint Venture between Telefonica and Liberty Global (the owners of o2 an Virgin Media respectively).. 

The problem is the old Virgin sim (which uses a convoluted Virgin Mobile setup and means your Virgin sim is actually a Belgian sim) doesn't seem to play nice following the migration. 

This can be easily resolved quickly, by popping into an o2 store with Photo ID and getting a replacement sim. 

The other way is to call customer services on 202 from your phone and requesting a new sim, bare in mind o2's bizarre policy of your current sim been disconnected before the new sim arrives, meaning you need to call up to activate it.

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In practice they should be the same. Virgin have run on O2 signal well before people started being transitioned across.

What is unique to Virgin, and anyone moved without a SIM swap, is their Belgian programed SIM cards.

Maybe worth calling into an O2 store with photo ID and getting yourself a propper O2 one

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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