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Disconnection after upgrade

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So, trying to put a long story short I’ve had an absolute nightmare with an o2 upgrade! 

Back in November I upgraded through a third party but affiliated with o2 &  thinking it would be simple BUT I was told I had to take out another contract rather than ‘upgrade’ as such, due to the billing system of o2. After various phone calls to customer services to ask them to migrate my number over I was told by o2 community this couldn’t happen & best way was to port it out to another network & port it back again to the new contract number. 

Whilst the porting over was happening I put in a complaints procedure to o2 about the migrating mess up not been explained to me & having to find out via the community, the lady from complaints only tried to call me once & then sent me an email which I hadn’t picked up as was away at the time to say she could see if left o2 (obviously seeing my original number ported out) & proceeded to disconnect my new contract & new number……Hence leaving me with a £900 bill on my account!! 
Various to-ing & fro-ing to o2 customer services on the phone they told me to port my number (the original one I wanted to keep) back to o2 & they would connect it to what was the ‘new’ upgraded account. They also realised & owned up to it being their mistake & credit me the £900 phone. 
Great, you would think! The original number ported its way back to o2 & because the credit hadn’t been applied (it had to wait for the final bill to come through before it was activated), it looked like I owed them £900 & they proceeded to AGAIN disconnect my ported number back to them!! 
Lots of phone calls later, I’m still no where sorting the mess out. They say I need to get an o2 sim only so they can connect the number but each time I try I fail the credit check presumably because of the mess up o2 have made on my account!! 
i just have no idea where to go from here….id like my number back after having it for 20years, everything is linked to it & feel this isn’t my fault that it’s been disconnected! Anything I can do to get it back?! 
when I phone o2 they tell me I need a sim only card but I can’t seem to get past the credit scoring system due to the business policies…

Please any help/ideas as I’m quite frankly at the end of my tether. 3 months down the line I’m having to use another network payg sim in my old phone for any phone calls & my new one works on WiFi only. 

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Your only option would seem to be another complaint.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.
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