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by ‎27-10-2017 12:22 - edited ‎27-10-2017 12:31 (11,898 Views)

My initial view on it then. 


  • Nice and compact unibody
  • Quite speedy and no noticable lag
  • Current UX experience slows down overall performance on GPU
  • Camera shots aren't as good or well contrasted as my LG G4
  • Android 7 change of interface is beguilling at first then has it's caveats & learning curve.
  • "Ergonomics" of hand comfort and length of body makes switch hands difficult.
  • Sound quality is good although seems a bit coloured in the mid-range over consumer earphones.
  • Durable glass and metal finish, although not drop testing this by any means possible.


I will try some new photos later since it's sunny. Maybe I'm being dumb here but the lazer focus was the best implementation on any camera phone to date.


Posted this in the wrong topic sorry.

on ‎27-10-2017 12:55

I tried my slightly higher-end AKG K702 headphones and whilst the frequency response was slightly exagerated it wasn't as noticable bright as the cheaper earbuds.


Just need to do a photo test now.


on ‎27-10-2017 17:20

Hey @anticpated! Thanks for posting this, a mini review! Smiley Very Happy  Looking forward to the photos if you get any. thumbsup

on ‎27-10-2017 17:32

Nice first impressions @anticpated

Looking forward to seeing the photos. 😀

on ‎27-10-2017 19:10
Ok. I took some photos today.
on ‎27-10-2017 19:17

@anticpated wrote:
Ok. I took some photos today.

Waiting in anticipation..... 😂

‎28-10-2017 10:37 - edited ‎28-10-2017 10:40
on ‎28-10-2017 11:26

Lovely photos @anticpated smiling

Was there one of The Falkirk 'Wheel'? ... ... ... & ... ... ... may I ask about the name of the castle please?

I'm absolutely no @viridis wink ... but ... to me, in a word, they're ... = ... clear rainbow

on ‎28-10-2017 11:45

Yes the Falkirk wheel. The building is Dunfermline Abbey I think. 


on ‎28-10-2017 11:51

@anticpated wrote:

Yes the Falkirk wheel. The building is Dunfermline Abbey I think. 


Thank you @anticpated ... ... ... I wouldn't have the courage to use The Falkirk Wheel ... but I bet the opportunity for stunning photos is great ... fabulous white architecture in the green landscape & blue sky

Dumfirmline Abbey you say ... thank you ... I'll do a Google on it rainbow

on ‎28-10-2017 17:30

I like the Abbey photo. I love pictures taken through trees or bushes. 

on ‎28-10-2017 18:20

@jonsie wrote:

I love pictures taken through trees or bushes. 

0 LH facepalm.jpg

on ‎28-10-2017 19:23

@Beenherebefore wrote:

@jonsie wrote:

I love pictures taken through trees or bushes. 

0 LH facepalm.jpg

Some people.... 😂 😂 

on ‎29-10-2017 17:34
I just clicked on. Took me a while.
on ‎29-10-2017 17:35
Woof woof !
on ‎29-10-2017 18:32

Should never click on whatever it was. ...😂

on ‎30-10-2017 19:04

So rather than concentrate on what this phone in comparison to another I will just state what it has.




Lock screen, code, password, fingerpint scan, pin number and power up password protection.


All useful methods of privacy and you can fallback to another way if for example your password fails. So probably not a good idea to share codes.


One thing nuisance is the constant need to clean the backbutton due to skin sweat/oils normally evaded olephobic* properties which should be part of the Gorlla Glass design however not mentioned in the literture. It has GG 5 on the back as it's more impact resistant, rounded bevel shell to prevent or reduce shattering if the device is dropped.


* oil resistant


It has GG 3 on the front as it is more scratch resistant. Nokia 8 uses all Gorilla Glass 5 plus a heataband to isolate the coponents from the casing. 


If you go to a lot of concerts then it has an HD audio recorder which allows larger resolution recordings (24-bit/96Khz maximum sample size). 


Call quality is very good on use far, which  audio being audible and clear. 


I already discussed the photography side of things and often forgotten about are the DNG JPG photographs will capture images without processing them in manual mode. 360 degree panorama, panaroma and several other modes like selfie mode. I've still to investigate these more like blurring the background for depth of field effects.


As this is LG it comes with very little bloatware and a new UX interface running on Android 7 (Nougat). You may notice the missing home page button. If you perservere with the updates you can revert to this way of doing things.


The headphone jack is reasonable when connected to a good set of headphones whereas the bottom mono speaker grille serves a mediocre output for teenagers on back of busses to annoy us with trap music and major drops!


The thing I find overall with this interface is whilist the CPU speedy and flies through content, it can become hectic when two applications are demanding the phone handset at the same time (happened twice this week).


There is lots of layers to this OS and the 10GB is mainly hidden from the user with many suv-functions within others.  It's difficult to know where to start really.


Perhaps someone should ask a question.


The specifications can be found on the internet as you know, so rather than waste space repeating it here. Have a look for itself yourself and it will be easy to find.




on ‎30-10-2017 20:01

Thoroughly enjoyed your comments about the phone @anticpated

This from a not-very-good tech person which I am

I can take it at my level of understanding

Thank you very much for taking time out to do all that you have

camera video camera tv music radio 

on ‎30-10-2017 20:03

Is there a radio on it?

Apologies for such a basic question


on ‎31-10-2017 08:56
Yes. Never tried it though.
on ‎15-11-2017 19:52

The radio works as expected.

on ‎15-11-2017 20:31

Thank you @anticpated ... I listen to the radio a lot

on ‎15-11-2017 20:45

No IR though, so no spare TV remote. There's a lot to this telephone...


Samsung Galaxy 8, iPhone7 and Sony Xperia's are slightly faster. However this is negligible in real word advantages in terms of using this as a telephone or social media needs. The Snapdragon 821 chipset has enough gusto for Android 7 and 8 when it comes to the LG device.


I spend a lot of time on video chat at the moment (my other half...just so you know OK), and the battery life isn't as bad as the G4 when using this. Due to the improved efficency. The G4 has 6 cores and the GPU and CPU combo wasn't as good for that.



on ‎08-12-2017 15:35



Some more photos taken in Edinburgh and London. Night photos in Edinburgh and daytime in London in different light conditions.



on ‎08-12-2017 15:43

 Nice pics 😊

on ‎08-12-2017 17:56

Simply Stunning Bouncy


May I say @anticpated ... it's like I was there ... I don't get out of town much ... & ... these pics are of cities I've visited in the past ... & ... it's lovely to see views of them as they are now 


PS: like your human 'thumb-nail pic' on your avatar Smiley Happy

on ‎08-12-2017 20:17

 Thanks Jane(?).....


Or is it really Wispa.


One of my favourite chocolate bars until they stopped making them....



Cheers ...


on ‎08-12-2017 22:33

Yes it's Jane ... plain Jane ... or, sometimes = Jane the Pain ... = ... Oh dearie me rainbow


& yes, Wispa the chocolate bar ... Wispa was the name of my pevious cat, all black she was lovely ... Cat

My son named her & we both liked the chocolate bar ... fyi Red is my fave colour & lucky 7


They do make Wispa Gold which have a liquid caramel layer on top ... they may be a limited edition though 


Image result for wispa gold images

on ‎08-12-2017 22:39

Funny my girlfriends mother's cat is called Twix. A strange co-incedence.

on ‎08-12-2017 22:50

Yes ... a co-incidence & Twix is a nice name

I'm a chocaholic joy