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keep my number

So my wife has joined 02 as part of my plan 


Now to keep her number I've been told: 


Text "PAC" to 65075

then go to 02 and enter new details to keeping the old number. 

what I want to know is: 


I have a new SIM card arrived does she need to get her pac number then put the new sim car in? 

or does she just need to fill out the keep my number section on 02 then keep her old sim ? 

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Re: keep my number


You will need to put the new simcard in the phone when it arrives, which will have a temporary o2 number.

Text PAC to 65075 on the current network and then fill out the form or call customer services and give them the PAC code.

Full details are here: https://www.o2.co.uk/help/account-and-billing/switch
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