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i really need to make a complaint, I have been treated outrageously by O2

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I have two pay monthly  phones with O2, when i added a second phone I wanted a deal, the telesales people told me to register my wife for refer a friend, she refers me to join another phone on 02 and we will both get £40 each in vouchers for marks and spencer, I  proceed and the phone arrives, it takes a very long time to get the vouchers and I have to chase it all the way, however my wifes vouchers arrive and I get nothing. Upon calling O2 they tell me the vouchers will be with me in a couple of days, another few days and they dont arrive, I call 02 and explain everything they say they will look into it and call me, they call me back and tell me i am not entitled to the vouchers as I already have an account, after much conversation I am offered nothing and told I will get a call back after the lady has spoken with her line manager, that was three weeks ago and I have had no call back.


For some bizzarre reason I have a mad moment and added a third phone to my account on the 17th November, we were told to delay the delivery so the contract did not start until the 17th Dec as this was a gift for my daughter. Iphone 5C 16gb in white, order confirmed and delivery confirmed for the 17th December. 17th December arrives and I call to find out why my delivery has not arrived, I am horrified to find out that there is no phone, they have discontinued they suplly of it, they tell me they are out of stock and cannot get me another phone, I go to the online chat and they tell me they can get me one in blue green or pink, the telehpone sales tele sales people tell me that is incorrect and they cannot supply the phone at all. This is the day of delivery and I am calling to find out this information, they havent called me, they are offering no alternative and its a week before christmas Ho Ho Ho NOT!!!!! I also wanted to take advantage of an Ipad air offer but I will have to consider looking elsewhere.

I am offered a deal which I was not completely happy with but I cannot dissapoint my daughter so I except, i a m told the customer service manager will call me later that evening to advise that the delivery has been sent out and guarantee for next day delivery. AGAIN not received a phone call, I am not happy with this blatant disregard towards me from O2, your managers are not representing your company very well at all. As a customer i am having to do all the chasing and this is not right, I demand a response to how unfairly i have been treated along with a generous compensation offer. 


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Please remove all personal info as this is an open forum.

Http:// is the link to make an official
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Sorry but O2 won't contact you from here as its a customer only forum.


Send a complaint via the link at the bottom of the page.


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You could check with Carfone warehouse or if you have a local Apple Store local to obtain an iPhone 5c from them but they cannot offer the Refresh Tariff only a standard 24 month option.

We do hear of phones being in stock then going out of stock after ordering.

The iPhone 5c is still available as an 8Gb Option from other places.
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Sorry to hear of this sad tale....but as said this is a customer to customer forum. You need to ring Customer Services for advice and support.Or use the link given to raise a complaint. Best of luck

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Today is only the 16th of December, not 17th.


Either that or I'm late for my works Crimbo lunch!



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Hi @paultracycamp I've just sent you a PM about the issue slight_smile
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