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FAQs: Pay Monthly

Hi all, welcome to the Pay Monthly board! If you are on a Pay Monthly contract or are thinking of getting one and have related questions, this is the place you can post your question to and get replies from other customers. Please remember: if your q...

Marjo by Former Staff
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Resolved! Transferring number - no confirmation message

I've just got a new O2 contract and wanted to transfer my old number over from 3. I got the PAC code ok and completed the keep your number form earlier but I haven't received any confirmation by email or text. Is this normal? From what I gathered the...

emilyjb90 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Paying my bill over the phone

Hi guys, I received a text saying that my bill was overdue and that I should ring the number that was provided, I did so and paid the bill. I have since received a text saying "Thanks for paying £32 with the card ending xxxx. Your reciept number is x...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! 4G tariffs recently updated?

Hi everyone,I got a 4G plan in October 2013 (unlimited calls/texts + 1GB) and this tariff was £22/month at that time. I got a second phone number yesterday with the exact same tariff and I found out that it now costs £17/month.I would like to pay the...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! o2 Refresh Upgrade

Hi I ordered an O2 refresh upgrade on 22nd December to get an Iphone 5s. At the time the website said the phone was in stock and be delivered within 1-3 days to collect from my local o2 store. 2 weeks later I still havent received a despatch notifica...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Awards for Pay & Go

hi.. i asked member of customer services regarding what prezzi if any us contract peeps get as only pay and go listed as far as i could see, she confirmed a £20 deduction if buying a new mobile which i hoped she would say as i am on contract but want...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! employee discount

My emplyer offers a discount to their employees for o2. I have been an o2 customer much longer than being with my employer. I have all the details of this discount and wasnt sure weather i could upgrade my phone/contract and apply the discount on lin...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Paying bill by cash possible?

Hi, I am in the process of changing bank accounts and will need to pay this month's bill by cash as the direct debit has been cancelled. How do I go about this? I can't find any way to request a paper bill on the website. Many thanks in advance for a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! WAP & MMS settings

Hi I have just got a new nokia 1020 and was wondering how do i get my WAP to work where WIFI is not available?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Pay and go go go

signed up for pay and go go go by accident and don't want it. Just want an ordinary pay and go that I top up as and when needed. What do I do?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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