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Text messages not delivered

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I moved to O2 mobile a month ago from Tesco as part of Virgin Volt and transferred my number. Since i moved over, i received a 'not delivered' message for every test message I send. 

My phone is an iphone SE purchased in 2021.

I have tried to send to various people, all with the same message.

I had no issues at all with Tesco.  


Please can anyone help?

Thank you



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Look at this guide first Guide: Text Message Tips (not sent or received) 

Make sure you have the iData bolt on

If you need  to contact o2 Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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As you have come to O2 from tescomobile, as the guide shared by @Cleoriff above tells you: you must have the correct message centre number stored in your mobile phone, @TraceyW1 - check that out, reboot the phone and then check it again to see if your ability to send SMS has been resolved.

SMSC in Apple iOS

To update the SMSC on an Apple iOS device, open the settings application when on Wi-Fi or when connected to the carrier's mobile network. Navigate to General, then About. If an update is needed, you will see a prompt to update the carrier settings.

this way may still work for you also to change the SMS Centre Number:

  1. From the home screen, tap Phone.
  2. If the dial pad is not visible, tap Keypad.
  3. Enter *#5005*7672#, then tap Call.
  4. The current SMSC setting is shown on the screen.
  5. Tap Dismiss.
  6. If the SMSC number needs changing, enter **5005*7672*SMSCNUMBER#, (where SMSCNUMBER is replaced with the correct SMSC number in full international format).
  7. Tap Call.
  8. The message "Setting succeeded, Service Centre Address, No Address" will appear on screen.
  9. Tap Dismiss.
  10. Enter *#5005*7672# then tap Call.

The new SMSC number will be shown on the screen.

Good luck!

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