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Porting number to O2 went wrong

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I signed up a new sim only plan with o2 and submitted the PAC code to O2 on Wednesday to move my number from Sky mobile on Thursday.


the porting seems taking place as expected on Thursday. However today (Friday) I find out that my sky mobile account remains active under the same mobile number as O2. My sky sim can still make call text and internet as usual, but seems to receive only calls and texts from other sky mobile numbers. In the meantime, my o2 sim can also make call text and internet as usual and can receive all calls texts from all numbers except for sky mobile numbers.


I first called Sky they said this is o2 problem as the porting is partially done. I then called o2 on 202,the lady on the call told me that the system show the port was successful (clearly is not!!) but she would ‘reverse’ my number back to a temporary number and ask me to contact sky to request a new PAC for a new transfer request. The ‘reverse’ would be done within 4 hours. I was so worried that I could lose my number so I made a second call to O2 and the other lady told me a different story that the first lady filed a porting exception form for further investigation and she did not see any ‘reversal’ request made in the system. My o2 number as of now remains unreversed (which is good). But she also asked me to contacted sky to cancel my sky account. This does not seem right to me, as confirm by the sky customer service later also.

now I am so lost and worried. The o2 customer service not only being helpless but also giving misinformation.


can anyone advise how to resolve my porting issue with the right team?


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That sounds very wrong @Gwy 


O2 can't reverse a port once it is completed, and move you back to a temporary number, as that would cause a lot of problems that o2 dont control. 


If your account with Sky is still active it is Sky that haven't done something as once they update the routing of your number, it should trigger the account closure process, and should direct calls into o2. 


I am having something similar with SMS on EE where the donor network have broken their routing.. 


My advice is wait to see what o2 come back with as it will be escalated to o2's Sky escalation Team (as Sky use o2 for Network), and Sky's Porting Team.

Nothing is going to happen till Monday at the earliest, and dont contact Sky this will only confuse matters. 

If you havent heard anything by Tuesday, then contact o2 again...

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