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O2 Mobile Broadband DOES block inbound ports!

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Hi All,

Just so nobody else falls into the same trap i feel i must make it known that inbound connections to ports is blocked.

How do i know this?

I am trying to set up a router to use 3g broadband to provide access to a security camera on a building site. Access from the LAN to the internet works fine. After enabling remote management on the router, accessible via port 8080, i then tried to connect from an internet host, no luck. I tested the port using a port tester and it was confirmed closed.

I created a new rule to allow management from port 80 which i though as a common port would work, it didnt with the same problem.

So, to rule out the router i connected the dongle to my laptop and connected, my laptop runs web services as well as a telnet server, guess what, i could connect to neither but they work fine when connected to other networks.

What is more worrying is that O2 technical support themselves are unable to tell for certain whether or not ports are blocked, which i find crazy. So, sorry O2 but i have had to switch my dongle to Vodafone who can categorically tell me that their dongle will do exactly what i want it to do!

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They really need to write up a technical manual for their Internet services:(

It's not right to buy something and find a standard functionality blocked by default without prior warning.
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