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New Zealand 4G slow

I’ve just arrived in New Zealand, I have the bolt on for roaming here and after trying for a couple days, my internet is SOOO slow, I mean won’t even load some games that need internet let alone play them anyway. The strange thing is that I have 4G but it just doesn’t work right! Any solutions would be helpful! Currently roaming on spark NZ if that helps!
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Re: New Zealand 4G slow

@Keagan What phone are you using? Try manually switching to a different network.


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Re: New Zealand 4G slow


O2 throttle data speeds for customers roaming outside of the EU.

You generally get 50mb unrestricted and after that the speed reduces to 0.5mbps.

If you need faster speeds you should seek public WiFi or consider getting a local PAYG sim card if your phone is unlocked.

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Re: New Zealand 4G slow

If you have an iphone try changing the apn to mobile.o2.co.uk or if it's already that, chamge to idata.o2.co.uk