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Help, they fraud me on my direct debit

Hi, I m a Italian guy, that thanks to his landlord in London him Did a little please to me for opening a phone contract of iPhone 7, under his name.. with my bank account oF LLOYDS. So I’m paying still the bills.. but him after 12 months and now I m back in Italy for a while, he Forced me to keep the phone switched OFF and me.. I needed to wait him to switched ON the phone again, son in the meantime my little brother gave to me his phone.. so now tonight, I was just curious to switched ON to see if was happened something at the phone.. now my iPhone 7 is not working and doesn’t switch ON the screen and nothing. Is like caput I don’t know how to say, and I always kept in my room until now. I m like without words, don’t know what to think, 300 £ more and I just got my phone in black out and still paying.. and the phone was in my room.... I don’t know what to think I m honest with you ..please let’s find a way.. 21 years old.. him 43 .
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Re: Help, they fraud me on my direct debit

Maybe you need to charge the phone first?
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Re: Help, they fraud me on my direct debit

You need to change the title of the thread, there is no fraud here. As said, because the phone has been switched off it will need charging. If that fails to turn the phone on, try holding the home button and the power button down for 20 seconds until you see the apple logo, then just release. The phone should reset. There is no reason not to use the phone in Italy as you would in the UK as long as you don't go over your allowances.

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Re: Help, they fraud me on my direct debit

Hi @Emanuele, sorry to hear about your phone! Hopefully you get it working again - did the above suggestions help with this at all? Let us know how you're getting on.

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