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I placed my order for handset upgrade on 21st September and was told that I would receive a text when I would be able to collect my phone. The estimated date of delivery would be 25th September. 

On 22nd September (my bill date) I received a message to say that the first payment for my new handset had been taken.

On Monday 24th September I received a text from UK Mail to say the item would be delivered between 16:08-17:08 that day.

On Tuesday 25th I phoned the O2 Walworth Road store to find out if I was able to pick up the phone. I was told quite abruptly I needed to wait for a text. I explained I had received one the previous evening, and just wanted to check it had been delivered. I was told then that sometimes the UK Mail drivers arrive at closing time, so its possible the delivery was missed. I was advised again to wait for a text (to indicate when the phone had been processed through their system). 

On 28th September, still no message so I decided to track the parcel. The consignment states that the phone was delivered to the store and signed for at 12:45pm on Monday 24th September. I phoned the store, and was immediately asked to wait for my text again. I asked if someone by the name of Kunal worked there, as he signed for the package - they confirmed he did. I then asked how long should I wait before receiving a text.... was told the customer service rep didn't know and that I should wait. I then politely said ok, so if I haven't heard anything by this time next week should I call back - and she said yes.


Could someone please get back to me on this asap. I'm currently paying for a phone I don't have. 



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Hi @BethC1988

You need to persevere with customer services I'm afraid. Until you recieve the phone it's their responsibility, not yours to chase up. https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

Edited to add, this is a community forum not customer services. We can only advise you of the best course of action.

Welcome to the forum anyway Welcome

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I also have to add that it sounds MOST peculiar that a member of the store signed for the phone and yet they are asking you to wait for another text. Maybe our community managers @Marjo or @Martin-O2 could chase this up for you?

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Hi @BethC1988, welcome to our community! Smiley Happy Sorry to hear about the delay with your handset though. I'd suggest seeing if you get the text as adviced by the store and giving them a call beginning of next week if you still haven't heard anything. As it got delivered to the store it sounds like it's just being processed there first. If you're still stuck after that though, please do let us know here and we can get this looked into.


Cheers for notifying us @Cleoriff. Smiley Happy 

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personally(and I am sure others would say this isnt the best thing to do) I would go into the store(dont call them again) and stand there until they find your device. As you say you know its been delivered, you've received a txt to let you know.I wouldnt leave until you have your 'phone.


Its very easy to dismiss people on the 'phone and to be honest if your local O2 store cannot process your 'phone in 2 days then there is quite obviously something wrong with the work ethic there. 


We are all too willing to wait for this email, wait for that text message etc and unfortunately many orggnisations are more then willing to hide their own short comings behind these so called "procedures"


Ask yourself one question if you went into a supermarket and gave them £40 of your hard earned money for which they said thanks very much now go away and we will send you a text message when you can come in and collect your goods, would you be happy, would you leave the store without your goods, would you complain? Then why should you let somone on the end of a phone line say this to you because they clearly cant be bothered to go find it for you in their maasive Amazon sized warehouse store(I'm being sarcastic)


Go get your goods and don't wait for them, don't call them, just GO IN and wait till they find it for you.


I am just a customer the same as you and mine are not the views of anyone from O2 but maybe if we all stopped taking this type of shoddy service as acceptable maybe things might change. Hope you get your 'phone.