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Extra phone number on my account

After logging in to my o2 to try and work out why my bill is so much it appears there is another phone number on my account which i do not recognise and am paying twenty pound a month for.


Despite several long phone calls in the past where o2 customer services have told me that the account information has changed from my fathers information to mine it is still in his name, which means when i have any issues i have to drive miles to my dads house to waste his time on the phone to o2 customer services confirming the account information just so that they can speak to me about my account which i have paid for and have had control for years.


Is there a way to cancel this additional device plan online and get my money back for a plan i have not asked for or agreed to pay for? 


Avoiding the lengthy customer service call would be great!

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Re: Extra phone number on my account

Unfortunately not @123456789 

Only customer service can sort this out for you and you will need to have your father with you on the phone call.

Easiest time )probably not most convenient having to drive over) is between 5 and 9 in the morning.

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Re: Extra phone number on my account


How to cancel here Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 

I'm not sure about getting any money back though. If a contract isn't cancelled at the right time, it will keep rolling on. You have to give notice of cancellation

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Re: Extra phone number on my account

It sounds more like fraud or an upgrade gone wrong ...

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Re: Extra phone number on my account

Hi @123456789 , let us know how you're getting on with this. Did you manage to sort anything out with customer service since you last posted?

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Re: Extra phone number on my account

Sounding like an upgrade done as a new line. If you did not order an upgrade then speak to customer service regarding potential fraud.

If you tried to upgrade then it does look like they put a new line through for more commission, see if they can terminate old and transfer existing number to the new one.
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