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At the end of my tether

I just got back tonight after a weeks holiday in Croatia, with a blocked phone which was disabled while I was on holiday so I was unable to contact anyone in the UK ( even 02 ) to try to resolve things.



I have a contract with 02 and have been a customer for over 5 years.


Holiday started on 18th May text messages as follows...


19th May - using the web costs £6 per Mb we will tell you when you have used £20 and again at £40......


20th May - You've spenft £20


20th May - You've spent £40


22nd May - You've nearly hit 50mb limit, send text to 02 to increase imit to £120 - which I did


23rd May - You've spent £120 on data outside europe we won't charge you any more on your current bill but we will stop the data service if you hit your 200mb limit


23rd May - You've spent £178.89 over your line rental this month, we have emailed you with details


23rd May - You've spent £225.48 over your line rental this. We've  emailed you details. To keep using your mobile pay £225.48 now towards your next bill or spend less.


24th May  - Hello from the usage on your phone it looks like you might be overseas call us on 202 in the next 24 hours so we can make sure your phone isn't lost or stolen.


At this point I iniated a chat session and tried to ascertain the exact charges and how they were made up, text versus phone calls and data etc. To say that the chat session was rubbish would be an understatement , I said I was not happy about the charges and I wanted the details of who to complain to. ( they cound not give me a breakdown of the charges) I was told I was being transferred to a supervisor but the session was cut off. But I did make it clear that I was on holiday and that the phone had not been stolen.


25th May - You've spent 286.43 over your line rental. We've stopped you being able to use data, use roaming, text call, and receive calls on your mobile until we receive £286.43 which includes any existing overdue charges. We have emailed you details. Pay at 02.c0.uk or call us on 0844 809 0202.


At the point I received the final text I was about to check in at the airport. And I was unable to get on touch with anyone.


I did try on a free wifi service at the airport to pay the bill but by the time I got through to the website ( I only had free 15 minutes wifi) my request timed out.


It was also cvery confusing on the website as it said the only outstanding mount was my normal £40 monthly fee which is not due to be paid by direct debit until the 5th June.


So I am still without phone service tonight and an very angry at my service being stopped, leaving me stranded unable to contact anyone while I was in a foreign country. I have also suffered financial loss as I have had to delay some work which was booked with builders but because they were unable to contact me they are now starting a day later than they hoped.


I will get in touch with O2 tomorrow to resolve the issues as the problem is not relating to paying the bill although I do want to see a full breakdown of the charges before I pay up.  


Are they just allowed to block phones even from incoming calls even when the customer has been in touch and clearly stated that they are on holiday? 





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Re: At the end of my tether

You should have called 202 when prompted and not used live chat.


O2 will sort this out and provide you with a full breakdown.


In my-o2 you should be able to see these recent charges

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Re: At the end of my tether

Im still trying to pick my chin up at the cost of you using your phone whilst on holiday !

Was it a business holiday ?

I wouldn't entertain using 02 abroad but instead buy a local sim card while there or not even take my phone.

Each to their own.

With that amount spent you probably would have been able to buy another holiday.

As Adam says you were requested to telephone 02 to confirm what they have asked, and you did not so they have done their best to further protect your account and the amounting charges.
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Re: At the end of my tether

It seems they tried to keep you informed every step of the way to me. A free phone call to customer service would have sorted things out for you but online chat is useless in all things account related. Croatia isn't the cheapeast country to use your phone in but I would check in My O2 for a complete breakdown of the charges you have incurred.

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Re: At the end of my tether

Should have turned off mobile data before you went
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Re: At the end of my tether

You should have called customer service as live chat is known to be useless seems like they did give you warning though
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Re: At the end of my tether

Update from O2


They have admitted that they messed up as my contact via chat was enough to let them know that I was on holiday.


Just a point to all of those who said that I should have called O2, I did indeed call them but was holding on for so long that I decided to use chat which if you listen to their messages on the phone system is being heavily pushed as an option.


They ended the chat session while I was waiting to chat with a manager and they did not update my records to say that contact was made.


The call charges for Croatia are over £1.00 per minute, I did need to use my phone on holiday as I was in the middle of renovating my business peoperty so I had to be available for builders/electricians etc.


Croatia is not in the EU ( yet ) so no option to have lower call charges at the moment with o2 but this may change when they get into th EU. I would advise anyone going on holiday there to investigate cheaper options for phone usage if you need to use a phone a lot when you are away.


I am raising an official complaint wirh o2 regarding the complete shut down of my phone.


Having had such dreadful experience with chat on 02 I will never use it again.



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Re: At the end of my tether

Your experience with chat is, unfortunately, not unique. You only have to do a search on the forum to see the littany of problems people have experienced with it. For some odd reason, O2 doesn't appear to be addressing the problem, although they keep saying they will.


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Re: At the end of my tether

I don't think they will address the chat issue as its far cheaper for them because its all run from another country by people who have no clue
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Re: At the end of my tether

Your phone wasn't shut down so that's Inaccurate. & can't use that in a complaint