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5G service in October

I've recently upgraded with o2 to refresh to a 5G handset, and just popped my o2 sim in from the old phone to continue using my number as usual. In the Mobile networks the Network Mode already states 5G/LTE/3G/2G (auto connect) as network options.


When I got the phone the web description said you would need a new sim and a 5G tariff from October when 5G is switched on. Does this mean that I still need to get a new sim even though the network mode is showing 5G as an option? - other networks appear to make the 5g available on the current sim without the need to get a new one or swap it.


Also is it likely that the 5G tariff will be the same as the current one I'm on e.g. 5G at no extra cost and if on o2 refresh can you just change the tariff without affecting the device plan if there's an alternative 5G tariff when it launches.


I'm not sure about this idea of having to get a new sim as it seems a bit strange that my current one would no longer be usable and then having to faff about with sim swaps etc which could cause problems if something goes wrong.


Thanks :-)

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Re: 5G service in October

@jcf224 no one knows until O2 release more information

I would imaging you will be sent a new SIM and do a SIM swap on the assumption you want to take up 5G

I'm sure there will be an additional cost for 5G but no one knows what they are yet...
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Re: 5G service in October

5g will show in network settings as it’s part of the phone firmware regardless of what sim is inserted.
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