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Falsely Advertised free £5 Credit

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O2: Want more data every month? Change up to the £15 Data Big Bundle and your data allowance will be supersized to 25GB. Plus you'll get unlimited minutes and texts. All to use over 30 days.
Start your bigger bundle on 28/05/2024, and we'll also give you £5 credit.
To set up the change, text 15DATABB to 21300 before 26/05/2024.
Fair Use Policy and Terms apply. To stop these offers, call 2220



I texted 15DATABB to 21300 friday 24/05/24 

My £15 Bundle is now active but never received my free credit.

I contacted O2 and they said that i am not offered free credit or that i ever received that text message.


I want this sorting and my £5 free credit or I have no choice but to report this to OFCOM

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Report it to Ofcom they will tell you to jog on as they dont deal with consumer complaints, and the Telecoms ADR service will tell you to follow the o2 complaints process and you have to wait upto 8 weeks to get a response - 

Did you read the terms 

It clearly states within 5 working days so the 24th was friday so you will need to wait until the 31st May..

This is NOT customer services, so you will need to call o2 on 4445 or 0344 809 0222 if after the 31st to chase it... 

iPhone 15 Pro Max - o2 and Spusu
Xperia 1V - Spusu

This is not customer services and we dont have access to your account
I do not work for o2 or any VMo2 /Telefonica/Liberty Global Company
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OFCOM will not be interested in this as they do not deal with complaints from individuals. You can complain to O2 and then escalate to the Ombudsman if the problem is not resolved, but it is premature to think of this as yet. 


You need to contact O2. Unfortunately, this is a customer to customer community so we cannot access your account. I suggest that you message O2 on social media :-


Facebook :


X (previously known as Twitter) :


Instagram :


The social media team are UK-based and are efficient in resolving customer issue. 


I cannot speculate as to what has happened to your £5.00 ; your free data will likely be added to your account once you have used your initial 15Gb.  


A complete schedule of how to contact O2 is in :-


Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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