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can't remove insure premier bolt on


I just spend an hour trying to find out how I can remove my 02 Insure premier for iphone 4. I got that bolt on when I started the contract and now I would like to remove it. FAQ sent me to "my tariff&boltons" page but I can only add more there. There is nothing about cancelling that one. I also haven't found any information saying that it is not possible either so I'm hopping I don't have to be stuck with this ridiculously high insurance (and its high excess). Any help?

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Re: can't remove insure premier bolt on

Best bet would be to phone customer service and they will remove it straight away.

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Re: can't remove insure premier bolt on

Call 202 and they'll remove it for you.

If it was taken out in the last 14 days it will be removed straight away and you won't be charged anything.

If it was taken out longer than that ago, there will be a 30 day cancellation period. You'll have it on for those 30 days and then it will cancel
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