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Waitrose 02 Wifi- Single Device Not Responding- Help?

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Really need some help.


I'm not an 02 customer, but visit Waitrose 6 days a week- shopping, loyalty card, coffee, and usually around 1.5 hours on my laptop using their free 02 wifi.


Upon entering the store, my phone picks up the 02 wifi network, and prompts me to log in.


This was the case for my Chrombeook laptop, until 3 days ago. No prompt- says connected, but clearly not.

I have worked with a high-level engineer, performed many ping tests, forgotten the network,, etc, all the basics. Today, I performed a test. Taking an old laptop and my regular Chromebook to the usual Waitrose, plus a different Waitrose. Open both up, and see whether I get prompts and wifi.


At BOTH, the old laptop (which hasn't left the house in months) connected happily.


The (regular waitrose) chromebook refused to give a connection. At either store. A powerwash and every level of check has been performed.


The (regular) chromebook DID however get a wifi prompt and connection at a Costa on the way. That clarifies that it is exclusively an 02 wifi at Waitrose at issue, since the non-responding device picks up The Cloud, others, and, most importantly,  02 at Costa.


I understand there is a 10GB month limit cap on free 02 wifi. I do not watch videos or stream out, but do work, and have a lot of tabs open. Anyone have any advice on how to reset my usual chromebook to continue using wifi there?


I have just registered for an 02 account, which I understand is applicable to up to 5 devices. The purpose of this is to track my 02 data usage.





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Sounds like Waitrose have blocked your Chromebook from their WiFi, barring access, @Anonymous...scream


Who ya gonna call? O2 Social Media (Twitter | Facebook | Instagram)


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Yeah, I'd agree with that.
Your MAC address is blocked - speak to Waitrose.
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