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O2 Priority

Hi all


has anyone else tried to get a priority bonus and been told that the retailer has 'run out' or exceeded their allowance.  this happened to me recently with the Boots meal deal, Cafe nero and halfords.


in itself this isnt a problem, but I know of at least 8 people who have joined O2 Priority without being O2 customers.  they've all done it following the advice of Martin Lewis; ie buy a sim only, register for Priority and then re-inset the existing provider sim card.


now, i dont want to be a kill joy, but it's chessing me off when I cannot get the offers when I have been with O2/BT/Cellnet since 1988!


is there anything that O2 can do?  perhaps ask for a re-verification text every couple of months to validate the Priority?


rant over!  thanks

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Re: O2 Priority

Yeah, we've all had a rant over this in the past but O2 don't appear to want to do anything about it.
The recent Star Wars offers are a perfect example.
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Re: O2 Priority

Lots of complaints from many people who fail to get Priority offers.

One of the community members @jonsie thought he was ok with his....until it arrived and the delivery driver drove off without leaving the parcel....(but at least his offer was approved)

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Re: O2 Priority

Hi @Anonymous,

Sorry to hear you've lost out on some deals! I'll let the team know about this.


@Cleoriff, was that deal through Priority? Either way, lets leave that topic to the thread its originated in Smiley Happy

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Re: O2 Priority

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@Toby wrote:



@Cleoriff, was that deal through Priority? Either way, lets leave that topic to the thread its originated in Smiley Happy

Yes it was a  Priority deal hence my reason for mentioning it....(and to show that some people get them)

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Re: O2 Priority

Perfectly possible too for the app to be set to read sim and verify it's being used with an o2 sim, for some reason tho, O2 have never done it.
Its probably too much to ask that o2 customers are the only ones able to use o2 priority...

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Re: O2 Priority

I have used the Priority app online and also for meals but offers at department stores and outlets are subject to sufficient stock or in the case of the Star Wars fiasco, insufficient or non-existent