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Cancellation and refund.

I purchased a monthly contract with an upfront payment of £30 but have not yet recieved the product. How do I cancel the order before it's sent out as I would like to do this asap as to not cause any difficulties. 

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Re: Cancellation and refund.


Have you received confirmation that the device is on it's way to you?

You will have to cancel under the 14 day change of mind policy once ordered/dispatched


Or you could ring customer services (as the phone may be out of stock) and see if they will cancel for you


Best of luck and welcome to the forum Welcome

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Re: Cancellation and refund.

Hi @Maxx , welcome to our forum! Did you check out the advice above from @Cleoriff ? Let us know how you get on and if you managed to sort this out ok.

Also I'm sorry to hear that you wish to cancel Smiley Sad Please do let us know also if you have any feedback you'd like us to pass on to the business, in case you feel there's anything that O2 could have done better?

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Re: Cancellation and refund.

I spoke to someone on chat before the device was sent out and cancelled and had issues calling o2 before it was sent out so I mangaged to call o2 to make sure I could cancel and get my refund.

I am now demanding compensation.


The employee on chat and over the phone ENSURED me that the cancellation was in process and all I had to do was send the device back, which I did. I have no access to a phone to contact o2 so I will be dealing with this online, starting here.


Money was taken from my account, moments ago... I require to speak to a manage for the trouble o2 has caused and demand that o2 reimburse me for taken money from my account without autherisation! I already agreed with o2 over the phone that I was cancelling and returning the device, o2 had no right taking money out of my bank. I am now in an even worse situation and my bank has deducted money from me because of it, please assist me with the appropriate email so I can speak to management as I have stated before I have no phone to contact. I purchased this phone online, I wanted to cancel it online (I couldn't but managed to finally cancel before the 14 days and sent it back) and I will now recieve my refund and be compensated online. That was a REALLY dirty move by o2, I am appauled at this. 

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Re: Cancellation and refund.

This isn't customer service and the admin team here cannot deal with this for you.

The only online contact with the authority to give you what you seek is the complaint review service.

Make an official complaint here :

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

how to make a complaint.

Also use the Resolver link as it gets you a quicker response