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4g Calling Coverage Poor

Does anyone have any information on when 4G calling will be rolled out across the UK, i know o2 are rolling out 4G day by day but why on earth cant they give 4G calling at the same time?


Everywhere i go my calls drop to 3G

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Re: 4g Calling Coverage Poor


This site will tell you where it is currently available but O2 don't announce any roll out plans https://status.o2.co.uk/

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Re: 4g Calling Coverage Poor

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Re: 4g Calling Coverage Poor

It’s ok saying o2 don’t announce plans and they everything has a place now that 5G is in the mix, but seeing as 5G won’t have the coverage either and be unlikely to penetrate indoors, surely the best way forward is to get 4G coverage including 4G calling out to the masses
5G won’t even be fully operational for many years.

It’s crazy that networks are still so focused on getting the 3G network to be more wide spread