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Resolved! My O2 app not working Lumia 520

Hi I tried to access my app today but keep getting the message "Gone! Setup of account has changed. This mobile number is no longer part of this account." Tried restarting phone but still the same message. I only have one mobile number and it shows w...

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MMS Settings for Win 8 / 10 Phones

As they can be a pain to get MMS working I thought I'd post the settings in their own thread so we can find them easier in the future. This is the MMS part of the apn only as the data part usually works on the default settings: APN: - mobile.o2.co.uk...

MI5 by Level 94: Supreme
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Resolved! mms messages

i havent been able to send any type of mms messages, i have contacted 02 and have all the settings and still no joy. i have looked through my phone settings and the only thing out of place is my bolt on tarriff. iam on the £15 big bundle and topup mo...

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Hi I've got Lumia 550 can connect to my Xbox one and my tv but for some reason can't connect to my laptop it's asks for a WPS PIN but I'm at a loss as to wear to get it

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Resolved! 4G

I have a contract pay monthly sim, I'm not to bad with tech but I have been told by various tech folk as well as lookin online that when i switch on my Blackberry 9720, I see 3G in the top right corner, I would like to access 4G, I have told by vario...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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SMS transfer between Lumias

Hi, Ive upgraded from one lumia to another but am having trouble transferring SMS messages between the old and new. I had a 625, now have a 550. I had the 625 on to backup but I don't know where they go. I tried the transfer my data but it only did m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! O2 App not working on Lumia 630 (Win 8.1)

Hi All, Just wondering if anyone else has or had this problem? Signed in two days ago to check my bill and it was working fine and yet, when I try tonight no such luck. All I get is the "Ooppss, we can't sign you in" message. Made two attempts before...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Phone not repaired

My Lumia phone has been freezing and resetting to factory reset and losing all data for a couple of months now and two weeks ago wouldn't let me type more than one word of text in anywhere. It was sent away initially to anovo and then to Nokia as it ...

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Microsoft Windows 10, Lumia 950/XL and Band 2

Hello Microsoft are holding a special event on 6 Oct in New York with a huge agenda of equipment including:Surface Pro 4Windows Lumia 950/XL information (and potential launch dates)Microsoft Band 2Hololensand moreFull run down can be found at:http://...

Daddydoink by Level 15: Gaining a Reputation
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Resolved! Assigning a security code to my SIM card

I joined O2 recently. How do I create a PIN Code for my SIM card to prevent unauthorised use if the phone is lost or stolen? The phone is a Nokia 301 (G3).

TomUK by Level 1: Joiner
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