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Im trying to upgrade my current nokia windows phone, but there dose not seem to be one on your upgrade list?

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Re: Upgrade

Hi @Anonymous. No I have been through all available phones and they have no Nokias in stock....


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Re: Upgrade

They are no longer made so you won't find any currently.
The Nokia name will be revived though so expect more models later this year maybe.
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Re: Upgrade

The lumias's have been discontinued so you won't see them anymore
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Re: Upgrade

Yeah, the only Windows phones now are only available via manufactures websites, bits it's business focused. Windows mobile for consumers is being scaled back to focus on services again. Microsoft are teaming up with Samsung to offer an Windows mobile android powered s8 though, very interested it this myself.
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Re: Upgrade

I upgraded my Lumia640lte to the Lumia650lte when my contract was almost up for renewal

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really really wish my orange 1st but water damaged Lumia640lte ... I had stuck with this 

little change in the 650 from the 640

allus had a Nokia phone

like my Windows10 on my laptop


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