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(My) Nokia Lumia 925's bad battery usage

Hi everyone,


I recently bought Nokia Lumia 925 with O2, and I am quite happy with its features, etc; except for one thing - its gets depleted so fast! I am not even playing heavily on it but it gets depleted so fast that I actually recharge it two times (maximum three) times a day. Even listening to just music when I was on the bus on a headphone with an average volume, let's say for an hour, depletes 25% of it. I have turned off locations, automatic brightness setting and changed it to low brightness, data connection/wifi (depends where I am, if I am on the road, data connection, when at home, wifi) and it justdrives me crazy recharging it all the time whenever I come home. The final push that drove me to post this here was when I left it last night (11:00PM), it was 50% charged. When I woke up (somewhere after 07:00), it was down to 20%! And I even had everything (location, data connection/wifi, location, etc) off.



I have been searching online about their usages (Techradar - watching an hour and a half movie with wifi and maximum brightness depletes battery from full battery/100% to 83%) but watching half an hour in my phone depletes to that kind of percentage.


Now my question is, is it just this phone that has a very bad battery of have I got a faulty product? Smiley Sad




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Re: (My) Nokia Lumia 925's bad battery usage

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It is possible that the power management within the phone is causing issues or you have a bad battery.


It does take a few charge recycles to achieve full capacity and as such calibrating the battery by letting it run right down before charging it can help.


It does sound like you have trimmed down the usual specs to save battery.


One of the biggest drains is the screen itself.


If this does continue then perhaps seek redress through a Nokia Repair Centre.




If memory serves right some Carphone Warehouse Stores had authorised repair centres in them too.