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Word Association.....

Word Association: Read the previous posters word and then write the first thing that comes to mind. Keep it clean.....!! We'll start with..... Elephant

MI5 by Level 94: Supreme
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Think we're having bad weather? This is tonight's forecast for the Northeastern US.

Bambino by Level 78: King of Kings
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This should be posted on the Community Home Page but, unfortunately, cannot post on there. In these dreadful times, members of this O2 Community have excelled themselves in their help and support of O2 customers, they are, in my opinion, true heroes ...

Mi-Amigo by Level 44: Clearly Talented
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Thought of the day

As part of the #o2surprise that I received last week, there was a jar of smiles. Many were keen to see what would come out of the jar each day, so here are the ones so far! The one that I picked out on Friday was "If you want to see the rainbow, you ...

gmarkj by Level 59: Quartermaster
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The Virtual Lounge

Anyone here ? [Please see related discussion about "The Virtual Lounge" here]

blissgirl by Level 28: Ingenious
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Royal Wedding: Your idea & experience of stag/hen do?

Hi all! Only one day left until the wedding of the year! We've had a few interesting discussions already about weddings and your experiences, including: Your dream wedding location What would you wear to your wedding How will you be following the eve...

Marjo by Former Staff
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Deadpool 2

Anyone else going to see this or is it a tad too lowbrow for you good people here? I'm not a huge fan of superhero movies as there's been too many of them though really enjoyed Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. I enjoyed Deadpool specifically ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to choose, set and use really really safe passwords that you'll be able to remember and ......

...that will help you stay safe online These days every online site or app you vist or use, likes you to comply with what they believe to be their unique super strong password policy and usually imposes this on you, whether you like it or not! From C...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cooking & Baking inspiration

Hey guys, After watching all the episodes from the 7 seasons of the Bake-Off that were recently added to Netflix, I thought it'd be interesting to start a tasty thread to see if we could share some tips and tricks Being French, I've always been quite...

EmilieT by Former Staff
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Cuba plane crash: More than 100 die in Havana air crash

A day for horrible news today......More than 100 people have died after a Boeing 737 airliner crashed and exploded near Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, Cuban state media says.

MI5 by Level 94: Supreme
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Smoke damage items - how to restore them

Hi . we had a small beach hut by the sea. Of the 19 in a row Only 3 stand, after a fire. We rescued our stuff but they are smelling of smoke and some stains. Umbrella and shade, 2 folding chairs (no cushions) All are living in the garden, sprayed wit...

Jenny105 by Level 15: Gaining a Reputation
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Bluetooth - Who Knew?

Once the Cinderella of the wireless standards.the spare heir, the ugly duckling, misbegotten, base born and unsung. Named for King Harald, but only useful to play pranks or for passing over of content or even discontent. Made glorious summer, by the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Royal Wedding: Your decoration & reception picks

Hey everyone, With only two days left until the big day, it's time for another one of our countdown discussions! So far, we talked about where you'd host your wedding, what you would wear, and how you'll be following saturday's event. Now if we want ...

EmilieT by Former Staff
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Royal Wedding: How are you following it?

Good morning The sun is (almost) shining and it's Wednesday, which means that we have 3 days left to get into the Royal Wedding spirit in honour of Prince Harry and Ms Markle's union! You can still head over to our previous discussions about your dre...

EmilieT by Former Staff
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