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Your thoughts on game streaming?

Hey everyone, 


Gaming is more popular then ever and an entire industry of video game steaming has sprung up as the technology and Internet speeds have improved. If you're not familiar with the concept you can live stream your gameplay for other to watch. There is often a chat feature so those watching can interact with the streamer. 


Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 17.23.40.png


Some of the more popular streamer have millions of fans and do it as a full time job! It's not for everyone though and some people think its boring or a waist of time even though some dedicated fans donate hundreds of pounds a month to their favourate streamers! 


What are your thoughts on game steaming? Have you ever watched it anddo you still do? If so what do you like about it and who are your favourite streamers? 

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Re: Your thoughts on game streaming?

A bit like Youtubbers, I can take or leave steamers 🤣
Handy for seeing on the living room telly what your spawn are up to on their keyboard-pounding game when playing on-line, if the bandwidth is good enough to play and stream without introducing the dreaded "lag".
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Re: Your thoughts on game streaming?

I like watching twitch all the time IV streamed on it on and off last time was in 2017 lol then I streamed fallout New Vegas for 11 hours and had 1 concurrent viewer throughout the whole stream and had to try use mobile as so I could read chat but no one commented haha
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Re: Your thoughts on game streaming?

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I did a 24 hour charity gaming marathon for Giffgaff a few years back. Instead of doing the few hours I was allocated, just gamed the full 24 hours via twitch on my PS4.
It was great fun, but I’m not sure how these kids do it day in day out. Surely life gets in the way? Or do you become so rich you get people in to do all the boring stuff?
Get paid for playing games all day and night.. must be a kids dream!


aah spying on the kids.. good idea @pgn