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Vote yesterday

Did anyone vote yesterday I did as if heard day I didn't vote it would automatically go to Theresa May if I didn't so I did
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Re: Vote yesterday

What the...

the above Gold badge is not official and as such does not represent O2 community's officially sanctioned winners badges. They are blue, I made this gold myself, because I wanted to, after 4 years of writing the best reviews seen on these here forums, I decided to take that status, and adopt it into my own coloured badge.
To clarify. I changed the colour and added the years, O2 community admin, did not. Please don't be confused.
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Re: Vote yesterday

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@viridis wrote:
What the...

I don't get into politics so was avoiding this one like the plague. (This is me being polite you understand...) rofl


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Re: Vote yesterday

Of course. Civic duty, given the circumstances, @liggerz87.


Things are a little different in this part of the UK, as you'll see from the screenshot below.


Now it's all-stop until 10pm Sunday, when the rest of Europe has voted. And until Monday here, 'cos work on Sunday here is "nicht erlaubt" rolling eyes



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Re: Vote yesterday

Haha no worries how is everyone