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Travelling during Christmas time

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Hi everyone, 


I hope you're having a good weekend so far. Smiley Happy


My parents sometimes spend Christmas time abroad, some years ago because they had a group of friends to celebrate Christmas with and they booked a trip to have fun with them, and nowadays, I think just to relax and not having to cook and decorate after all those years. They tend to go to a hotel somewhere that has Christmas activities, and have mentioned they really enjoy it. They also like to visit local Christmas markets and public festivities in pubs and restaurants.


Have you guys ever travelled during Christmas? Either abroad, or within your own country? If yes, where did you go? Smiley Happy If you had the chance to go abroad for Christmas, which place would you choose? 


Christmas time travel


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Re: Travelling during Christmas time

Travelling abroad... never!! That last minute rush is bad enough on the roads, so forget the airport.
I just ride / walk to places where I know there’ll be very few or no others about.


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Re: Travelling during Christmas time

Hi @Marjo
I used to go to Malta for Christmas
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Re: Travelling during Christmas time

The last six or seven years have been spent in Thailand apart from two when I was forced to be here. Christmas has always been a bad time for me since my one true love passed away so getting away from the 'family' type Christmas, the endless Christmas programmes and adverts to a Buddhist country where it is very low key, always helped.

With one son living in Germany and in-laws of my other son  (who I dislike immensely) always being at any gathering, I just feel like an outsider and feel depressed during the festivities. I will have to endure it this year due to having to fly back for health reasons....that is if I get an invite to my sons or if he isn't going to friends for Christmas dinner.

I'll be gad once it's all over!

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Re: Travelling during Christmas time

Oh good.. we can be truly miserable together..



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Re: Travelling during Christmas time

I have travelled home from working in Israel and Gibraltar both on the 23rd and 24th December and been travelling back on the 1st January, and to be honest it just feels like another day just busier, and a lot of people are just trying to get home from work etc rather than going on holiday

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Re: Travelling during Christmas time

When I was at uni back in the mid to late 90s I used to travel home at Christmas, usally by bus.  Was crazy busy all the time.


Now it's just busy all the time anyway rofl


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Re: Travelling during Christmas time

My grandson (currently in his 3rd year at Uni) is working at Renault as an intern. He is sharing a flat with a friend at the same Uni, though his friends internship is at a different company.

They chose a place to live which is midway between the two firms, so are based in Luton.

He was home this weekend to finish his Xmas shopping, travelled back to Luton last night, and will travel back here on Christmas Eve when he finishes work!!

God help him, travelling on the M1.... which will of course, be gridlocked!!

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