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The Masked Singer

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You know you want it so here is the thread for it. 


Utterly mad. Goodness knows why the show works but is so overly bizarre, it just does. I have no interest in the voting which is pointless because we don't care: its not X-Factor, just do the un-masking already! 


Anyway, I suspect Fox is Jane McDonald - clue she gave away was one of the early reality stars and she was "discovered" on a Cruise show or something like that I didn't watch way back in the late 90's.


I reckon Monster is Rag and Bone man. Clue: he gave was that he recorded with Calvin Harris. A Youtube search produces the tune called Giant, which uncannily is way too close to sounding like Ceelo Green that the judges are thinking of. 



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Woohoo! I got none of them right joy 


Wow, Katherine Jenkins has learnt to sing. Seriously, she went through a phase of doing non-opera a few years back and it was dreadful. Jason Manford I got once the Scarborough postcard came up and er google confirmed that yahoo 


As for Nicola Roberts, the production team behind Girls Aloud really did miss that one didn't they. She's barely recognisable in their songs. 


Loved the show, perfect Saturday evening entertainment. 

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Congrats @Cleoriff on getting the last two right - and an earlier one if I recall?

Rita Ora was the best guesser on the panel...


As for me? I was useless. Got none right but so enjoyed this - one of the best Saturday night TV entertainment for a long time... It is insane but so addictive...

And it`s gonna be coming back Bouncy


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That's the word I was looking for @Mi-Amigo ....addictive.

Even my other half, who started off with his 'what a load of rubbish' war cry when it first started, was glued to tonights episode. Dance


I'm pleased it will be back next year. Bow

*The Game Is On*

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