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Re: THURSDAY QUIZ 25 April 2019



6 members submitted answers this week:


@MI5- Q1 incorrect * klaxon *; Q2 correct trophy; Q3 shrimps incorrect * klaxon *, blue/green algae correct trophy


@Cleoriff  - Q1 incorrect * klaxon *; Q2 correct trophy ; Q3 shrimps - incorrect * klaxon *, but credit for knowing chicks are grey and diet changes colour.


@pgn[first answers] - Q1 incorrect * klaxon *; Q2 correct trophy; Q3 algae correct trophy [plus credit for knowing in African saline waters]


@Glory1[corrected] - Q1 [agree with @MI5@Cleoriff@pgn ] incorrect * klaxon *; Q2 [agree with @Cleoriff , @pgn ] correct trophy; Q3 [agreed with @Cleoriff ] shrimps - incorrect * klaxon *, [agree with @pgn ] algae correct trophy


@WispaRed7  Q1 incorrect * klaxon *; Q2 clear - incorrect * klaxon *; Q3 pink dye - incorrect * klaxon *


@TallTrees  Q1 incorrect * klaxon *; Q2 no colour incorrect * klaxon *; Q3 shrimps - incorrect * klaxon * but for inc pic showing chicks are grey [implying change colour, I`ll be generous and give credit ]



A1. The correct answer is six. Sir Isaac Newton split sunlight through a prism and "invented" indigo [the "seventh" colour] because, as he was an alchemist, he believed in the supposed mystical power of seven, so added it to the colours he saw. As for schoolchildren learning the rhymn, with respect, it is an example of not believing everything taught in school.


A2. Water is blue. Although light reflected from the sky adds to the appearance, the colour blue can be seen under the surface.


A3. Although flamingos eat shrimps, their colour changes from grey of chicks to pink from eating blue/green algae, as found in African waters.


This week, for saying answer to Q3 that flamingoes are pink because "blood goes to their heads when the Queen of Hearts plays croquet with them, @pgn gets the laughing award.


The winner this week is @pgn with trophy trophy and a credit. Although @Glory1 came close with agreeing to the answers.


Thanks everyone for playing along and hope you will join in next week`s Thursday Challenge.


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Re: THURSDAY QUIZ 25 April 2019

Just goes to show that blue and green do make pink... 


Thanks for the trophy Wave

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Re: THURSDAY QUIZ 25 April 2019

Well, I'm astounded about the rainbow. Who knew?

Anyway if a child said 6 in a school quiz, they would be marked as a wrong answer @Mi-Amigo #justsaying Whistle

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Re: THURSDAY QUIZ 25 April 2019

Irish rainbows don't count ๐ŸŒˆ