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Sustainable Christmas tips

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Hi guys,


I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. Smiley Happy


I was reading an article on the BBC website about sustainable Christmas trees (you can read it here), and thought it would be nice to start a discussion on Christmas tips around sustainability!


The business mentioned in the article rents Christmas trees instead of selling them, and after the Christmas period, they collect the trees back and replant them. The plastic netting around the trees is made of potato starch, which means it is 100% biodegradable as well.


Christmas tree


Sustainable Christmas doesn't only cover the tree, there are many other things you can do to have a more sustainable holiday period, from thinking about what kind of presents you give, what you eat, and what you wear. Some examples from the article mentioned things like party glitter products made without harmful micro-plastics, gift products made of recycled sailcloth, sponsoring rather than eating a turkey. 


Those were a few examples of how businesses are thinking about a more sustainable Christmas with the products and services they offer.


Do you guys think of sustainability when celebrating? If so, in what ways? Smiley Happy Do you have any tips or ideas to share on how to be more eco-friendly when it comes to gifts, food or decorations?


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Re: Sustainable Christmas tips


I'm afraid I have never really given much thought to sustainability at Christmas time. I generally think what a waste when you see the floor scattered with discarded wrapping paper after 'present opening'

Additionally the amount of food wasted is a terrible thing to see!


I love the idea of the sustainable trees. Renting them and replant. Best idea for years. 


Thinking about it from a different perspective, I really do think I do my best. I never had a real tree and my artificial one is years old. So are my decorations. All old, all re-used time and time again. The star on the tree was bought for my eldest sons Christmas. He was born in 1968.

I also recycle nice Christmas wrapping paper (by folding it and using it again the following year.) Also keep every gift bag and use those again.


What I would like to do away with are Christmas cards. At one time I used to recycle mine, by cutting out pictures from them and using them to make new ones each year. However, I stopped that as it wasn't sustainable in the true sense of the word as I was using card to stick the images on. (Another rainforest gone!!) Next year I am asking people to give to charity instead of sending cards.


I'm not sure about sponsoring a turkey as opposed to eating them!


As for the excess of food, mine never goes to waste. I give a lot away to my boys and grandchildren. Also we have bubble and squeak (leftover potatoes and vegetables, add chopped onion and gently fry till both sides are brown) with cold cuts of meat, for the day after our Christmas lunch.


All that said and re food, we are going out for a meal this Christmas. Letting someone else take the strain. wink

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Re: Sustainable Christmas tips

I'm all for sustainability and think the trees are a great idea. However, this all comes at more cost for the consumer and unless it is cost effective I doubt the general public will be joining in.

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Re: Sustainable Christmas tips

Hi @Marjo
Joining in a thumbs up @Cleoriff - I used to love bubble and squeak. Nearly better than on the day. At home we never had food waste. Went the whole hog to soup. My Mother loved cooking homemade everything.
I make nearly all food dishes. Homemade pizza is fantastic. I make the bread in a bread machine because I know it's all top quality ingredients and no preservatives and the ingredients all have recycling packaging. I used a slow cooker the food ready when got home no matter what time and how tired.
I've not considered a sustainable Christmas really but my carbon footprint would be quite light.
I do seriously consider trips and combine as many as possible at all times.
All paper, tins, plastics are recycled. All food waste is recycled. All garden waste is recycled. All broken electrical items are recycled. Glass is recycled and fabric.
In the supermarket veg is put in basket without bags where practical and some supermarkets provide biodegradable bags for small veggies.
I take my own shopping bags.
I eat what I enjoy at Christmas not Turkey but I have cooked and eaten it too and enjoyed it. Like making a fruit cake particularly at Christmas.
Most of my Christmas wishes are by email or text the odd card here and there.
Small Christmas tree just to join in which is about 20yrs old includes lighting fibre optic.

My view regarding global warming is ...not proven as world has been through ice age, hot age, just about everything before humans. Our knowledge is skimpy because records aren't long enough. After all it's not that long ago that people were insisting the earth was flat.
Saying all that we should try to stop this enormous waste and dumping of toxic materials. etc.
Happy holidays to all🎅☃️❄🎅☃️❄🎅☃️❄

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Re: Sustainable Christmas tips

[ Edited ]

Christmas cards are just thrown, as are trees, then the wrapping paper, not to mention the excessive packaging + the food often slung out..


It's obscene.. so I don't do it... Add that to the fact that I choose not to have a car, very rarely use public transport, don’t go abroad and always walk / bike.... I maintain my ‘minimal’ carbon footprint all year round.

I do feel that any contribution however small, should be applauded!! So well done you lot!!

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Re: Sustainable Christmas tips

Sustainable Christmas
I am also trying very hard for a light carbon footprint @Marjo
Wrapping presents in brown paper with natural garden string all this can be recycled should look nice.
All presents will be edible no special packages for this so no plastic waste.
No Turkey. Ordinary wholesome meals with no waste, anything like peelings recycled.
Table decor, linen table cloth, decoration natural from garden then recycled. No crackers totally unnecessary rubbish.
Tree is also very old and well used.
Everyone very happy with this all joining in.
Happy Christmas
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Re: Sustainable Christmas tips

I am also amazed (appalled would be a better word) at the amount of packaging on most of the toys.
We are at a friends for Christmas, and while there will be plenty of food I doubt much will be wasted.
Agree about cards - put up for a little while but then gone. While they are put in the recycling collection, I am not sure how much of it actually gets recycled...

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Re: Sustainable Christmas tips

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Re: Sustainable Christmas tips

So many useful tips above guys, sounds really great and I'm echoing @Anonymous saying well done. Smiley Happy I haven't really celebrated Christmas much in the recent years. It's been like any other day/period mostly unless counting workplace celebrations, but if I do end up doing something this year, I do want to do it in a sustainable way too.

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Re: Sustainable Christmas tips

Much like others, I haven't really given sustainability a thought, although I do use the same decorations year after year, and never throw away wrapping paper and cards.  I always try and re-use any present bags to where possible.