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Pre order not working

Got a text on Friday at 6.40pm from O2 saying pre order you iPhone 5 what a great way to upgrade blah blah. There was a link to upgrade so clicked on it and went to pre order page. Put in my details on pre order. I'm an O2 customer, white phone, 32gb, etc... Then scrolled down looked a tariffs ok. Then at the bottom button ' can I upgrade' clicked it. Took me to upgrade page put my username in and password and hit enter. A MSG came up with 'were sorry but you don't have an account to upgrade' and that's it. So I phoned up every 10 minutes on Friday night from 7-9pm with a reply when I got through to upgrades of ' there are a lot of people trying to phone us at the moment try again later'. So when 9pm came it closed on the phone. So 7.59am Saturday morning phoned again continuously with the same MSG. Not good enough. Them I went onto online chat with 4 different people from O2. Mat,stu,Sam I told about my problem I could not pre order. They all checked with security info from myself to see and yes due an upgrade from June this year which I knew because O2 have phoned me numerous times asking to upgrade and I have told them I'm waiting for iPhone 5. The customer service on the chats were useless. They came back with sorry to hear that. Sorry is a word, I won't solutions. I am a professional working man and O2 would not last 5 minutes in my industry they portray so called helpfully customer service. Not good enough. I have problem with pre order there response was go to pre order website or phone up. But I have explained this to them. Website doesn't work and phoning is a joke. Oh yes got through twice Saturday but being a busy man waiting 63 minutes the 1st time and 81 minutes the second is really great customer service. I had to hang up on both. My whole weekend has been consumed by trying to get intouch and pre ordering. Orange on the other hand have been easy to order with. So when I get my PAC code it's goodbye O2. Another loyal customer that has spent thousands of pounds over the years with you. If you need someone to run CI events for you our help capture the global market let me know. I am currently winning back 100 million pounds globally worth of avaition business back to the uk. There again maybe not. With you not offering 4g as well at the moment I would of thought you need all your loyal customers. 4g will not work that well in this country as I had trailed back 2003. That's it no more spent on O2 as this has consumed my weekend. Much love Wolva.
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Re: Pre order not working

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You do understand the demand that the iPhone generates this every single time a model is released? A bit of research would have easily told you that and even viewing this board since Tuesday evening would have given you exactly what the regulars have been saying to expect.


As for the 4G comment, you really need to examine this brilliant sticky:  What is 2G, 3G & 4G 

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Re: Pre order not working

Then go buy a dictionary...
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