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Eurovision - what was your best, ever?

Having switched over to the Eurovision Song Contest last night at about #19, I found the most entertaining part was trying to guess what country would get the 12 from each country's panel.


It did get me to wondering: Did any Eurovision song, winner or otherwise, ever make it into your personal favourite bits of music?


One that gets my feet tapping every time was the 2009 winner, Alexander Rybak's "Fairytale", a version of it below if you need a reminder.  His entry for Norway last night, "That's How You Write A Song" didn't quite have the pizzazz of his 2009 winning entry...


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Re: Eurovision - what was your best, ever?

Yes, @pgn. Congratulations sung by Cliff Richard. I still love that song today. It always cheers me up.
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Re: Eurovision - what was your best, ever?

Ding a Dong ... by ... Teach-in ... Danish I think

It's still on the WMC jukebox, surprisingly

We used to dance cha cha cha to it as kids in dancing school ... so ... you can tell how old it is as I'm in my 60's Dance

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Re: Eurovision - what was your best, ever?

Un jour, un enfant by Frida Boccara in 1969, the year there were four winners, one of them Lulu. The French entry was by far the best and one of the all time favourites for me. Voting was so simple then but to have four winners when I think there were only sixteen entries was quite ridiculous.

I also loved the Celine Dion entry for Switzerland in the late 80s when I think the UK were runners up with an entry that I can't remember by Scott someone who I'd never heard  of and don't remember hearing of since.....

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Re: Eurovision - what was your best, ever?

I  can't think of one that's really made a lasting impression on me if honest. I think the last time I watched it properly was during the time Sandie Shaw and Lulu were performing....

Sorry, I do remember one that I liked then and still do.... Waterloo by Abba so that was 1974..innocent

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