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Apple deliberately being slow on iTunes purchase debits?

I buy lots of music and over the past 12 years have bought lots through iTunes.


This was kicked off because I bought a Shuffle back in 2007 as I enjoy listening to my music during my lunchbreak and it seemed ideal that iTunes for Windows would manage the loading and firmware management.


A lot of the labels I buy from are now digital only and I tend to buy singles as a lot of the mixed CDs have a lot of the same tracks on or a different remix (yep I love Greece 2000 by Three Drives on a Vinyl but it's been remixed to death)


Anyway, Apple seems to boast about how many of it's App store/iTunes accounts have an active card on them so the customer can just click to buy.


I've tended not to leave the card on file, I just go for what I want to buy, input the details, let the track(s) download and take the card off again but I've noticed that recently, purchases have been stuck at pending for days and don't tend to complete until you put a card back on which prevents you from downloading tracks you already own.


Anyone else notice this?

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Re: Apple deliberately being slow on iTunes purchase debits?

It because Apple don't always process the charge realtime, so if you add a card, make a purchase then immediately remove the card they won't process the download as they haven't processed the payment.

Your best to leave the card on for around 5 days after purchase until you receive your receipt from Apple at which point the process is complete
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Re: Apple deliberately being slow on iTunes purchase debits?

phone changer is correct.


pple will send you your invoice but dont take the charge in real time anymore. The charge is normally taken just after you recevie your emailed invoice.

If there are no card details stored in your profile the system is unable to process the

payment and it will just sit there in pending.


The best way, if you do not want to leave your card detais on there permanently is to leave them there until the invoice has been paid, just check with your on line banking the day you recevie your invoice, and then remove.

Alternatively leave the card details there. In my experience Apple is one of the few companies that actually doesn't get it wrong that often. I have had my card details up for around 6 years and there has never been an issue. My youngest can only buy stuff on her ipad if she gets me to finger print approve it first so I always know what is being put on my card.