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10 Things I Love about SUMMER!

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Absolutely nothing, it's just as tiresome as the other three seasons, if not more so. 


So not 10 things I love...  it's now 10 things I absolutely detest about it.


1. Flies, Wasps & other stupid things that come in to your airspace, to annoy or just for a pointless chomp on you. Irritating as *bleep*!


2. Then there are those people who are really scared of flies, wasps & other stupid things who start flapping & it making worse for the rest of us. Also irritating as *bleep*!


3. Half naked people. Yeah it gets a little hotter this time of year, but do i really need to see your cellulite? Whether it's women bursting out of hot pants or men with it all hanging out, ugh give it a rest you irritating *bleep* we don't need it!


4. Ice Cream Van. It used to be a joy to see that senile old guy driving at 10 mph round the estate touting for business. These days he does a drive by at 40mph (if you're lucky) & unless you stand directly in his path he's off again. I'm sure he just drives round our way just to *bleep* me off.. yeah it works.. he's irritating as *bleep* too.


5. The School holidays. Ugh, don't get me started. As if it isn't bad enough that the little *bleep* walk past mine making noise at stupid o'clock in the morning, now I have to put up with it all *bleep*ing day. If the little *bleep* aren't dropping litter & shouting all the time, they're riding motorbikes up & down the street, over the gardens & on the wasteground behind us. And it's not like they haven't had a year off already. Irritating as *bleep*.


Do you know what... My blood is boiling typing this *bleep*.. If I sit here & think any more i'm going to explode. So i'll let you decide the rest.


I didn't realise how much I hate about summer till @TheresaV made me think of it, so thanks for that. 


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Absolutely superb @Anonymous  and so typical of you. Hero


Totally with you on the flies and wasps. Add ants to that! Yuck


As for the ice cream man. I think they realise our cul de sac is full of old gits now, so he doesn't make an appearance. I hear his chimes elsewhere though!


Same with schoolchildren. The cul de sac, being full of us old gits, rarely see any.


On a personal note and as I get older I actually struggle with the heat. I've gone from being an absolute sun worshipper who would lay on a sunbed next to the pool for 9 hrs, to someone who loves the sunlight but can't bear any temperature above 23c


Thanks for this. It made me laugh a lot LOL heart

*The Game Is On*

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Brilliant @Anonymous LOL

I so agree with you on annoying flying creatures and the stupid idiots who wave their arms about which only annoys the pests more; and the ice-cream van with its repetitive jingle blasting out. Fortunately, although some of the neighbours further down the road have kids, we don`t see them tearing around screaming [presumably they go off at silly-o`clock to friends and annoy someone else? ].


Thanks for a great start to Summer In The Community yahoo


Girl in a jacket

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Thank you for making me laugh @Anonymous 

'Grumpy Git Does It Again' ..... *Yay* ..... yahoo


I too don't like the flying insects, but don't make a fuss

No ice cream vans here ... more's the pity

It's the little *******s* going home with their family, who are bored, and really should be restrained in some way = moaning / crying / shreiking loudly

The older *******s* but who are not yet old enough to go into the pubs who annoy me ..... they gather along the tow path seats opposite me with their 'so called, music' + foul language + at silly o' clock in the early hours ..... now School holidays they can behave badly every night of the week ... 'Urgh' ... !!!


Thank you again Grumpy Git

I agree with you whole heartedly.

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Very good @Anonymous agree with you on the waps & flies very annonning slight_smile
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Glad you all liked it. I just wish the little things didn't get to me as much as they do. I had to stop at five because i was foaming at the mouth.

I truly hope i don't get asked to be positive again, because it just doesn't happen (as much as i try)

Can't wait to see the other offerings, Roll on summer (not)
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Enjoyable @Anonymous   Thank you!


Well even though I try to accommodate most creatures, I hate Mosquitos & Horse Flies (all flies)..I have suffered from bites and once had to go to Hospital after a bite on my ankle, my foot swelled up including every toe and was burning hot. At hospital I was given a large dose of antibiotics with an even larger needle, plunged into my rump!   Did the trick  Cry

Summer clothing ~

so true skimmy tops on very large people ~ terrible.

Bandy legs with shorts  rofl 

AND flip flops housing sweaty feet.

Ice Cream Van

I have not seen nor heard an Ice Cream Van for a very long time.  It doesn't hold bad memories, has it gone out of fashion though.  When I see kids ambling back from school having "stopped off" at the sweet shop they are usually stuffed full of sticky sweets and sticky drinks, topped off by an ice pop....Sickly

School Holidays

I prefer these as I can get to places much quicker rather than having parents blocking the road, opening the passenger doors into the highway and unclipping their treasures whilst holding up the traffic, mainly because they are late.


Ah yes the blessings of Summer Spaced



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You hit a note with me there @Cleoriff  ~ take note for next grumble @Anonymous 


Ants they are the worst creatures about, there is nothing that can be done to stop them.

They march up and down my apple trees, pear trees, plum tree in fact every plant I have in the garden, generally putting greenfly or similar on them.

They march all over my outside chairs ....then if I ever have the time to sit down...... they march all

over me too.

I try everything there is just too many of them. 

We have had fire ants too,  these are devils they will sting and their sting is very bad and

after that it leaves a dark mark on your skin for a very long time.


Wasps are nothing in comparison to these....flies next on my list but there are traps for them.

The traps for ants don't work because they just go on and on and on millions of them.


Summer when ALL the bugs come out to play!






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Briliant thread @Anonymous !


Oddly, whether its being on the coastal part of the island, I don't see many wasps or bees here. A few annoying flies (I used still have fun with a portable vacuum cleaner and suck them up when they least suspect it devil) Ants are a weird thing, one year we see them another year we don't. But we know where they hang out so we have the ant powder at the ready 🙂


Summer clothing. Oh dear where do I start. Maxi dresses with the emphasis on the wrong type of maxi. Vests and tattoos. Just no. That unique British tradition of socks and sandals. White socks of all things. WHY??? People who are obviously sunburnt by the glowing red skin but try to convince you they are sun tanned. 


The first indication we get of an ice-cream van are the dogs in a neighbours house start howling. Literally about 30 seconds before we hear of the tune. Mind you, they tend to join in with fire engines, police cars and ambulances as well. Strange thing is, we never see the ice-cream van even though we're on a main road! I really want a 99 now but I'll raid the freezer for a cornetto instead.





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Hey there @sheepdog 

enjoyed your post for Grumpies thread

Thank you for sharing!

Yeh ~ freezer here stocked with Cornetto 

Have you tried Nuii 

these are absolutely fantastic ~ ice-cream heaven ~ keep alert!

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