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Ice skating at Warwick Castle

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There was a competition recently on the Priority app to win tickets to ice skating at Warwick Castle.

Going against history, I actually won some tickets (although judging by the number of people with the Priority cards wandering around there were a large number of us!)

We decided that we would make a day of it and arrived at the castle just after 10am.

Getting in was easy. Once you were in the right queue anyway – there was a little sign I walked past to get to the right ticket window…

On entering the main grounds, the first thing you see if the main buildings which look fantastic. They have been rebuilt several times over the years but they really look the part.


Wandering around the grounds are several peacocks, who hold no fear of man.

In fact, they tend to hang around near one of the food vendors hoping to pick up some treats!



Walking in to the main hall you immediately find a rather large Christmas tree – Warwick is decorated for the season!

There are lots of decorations as you go around in the different rooms, including a sleigh that was ordered by one of the previous owners of the castle.













There are lots of different areas as you walk round showing off some of the history.

The Time Tower is really good - it goes through some of the highlights of the castle through time.

The other main one is the King Maker. It shows how some of the owners have been involved in the succession of the throne - you also get to try on some armor!




There is a walkway round some of the ramparts that offer great views of the inside and the surrounding areas. There are a lot of stairs to go up and down on though, so not for the faint hearted!












Getting back down is actually harder than getting up - the stairs are in one of the towers!




The main event of the day, and the prize, was ice skating in the grounds.

The castle got all dressed up for the evening...





The ice skating itself was great fun, even if I (and most others) were clinging on to the sides for dear life!

There is the option of hiring out a "helper" - a little plastic penguin - but we decided to be brave and try on our own.





We had a great time at the castle, but it was a long day – we left home at 8:30am and got back after 14,000 steps at 7:30pm!

The castle is a great place for a day out whatever time of year, but is best enjoyed when it is not raining (lots to do outside) but be prepared to cover some distance!



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Re: Ice skating at Warwick Castle

You should have called in here for a cuppa Smiley Happy
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Re: Ice skating at Warwick Castle

Ta for the offer, but by the end of it we were all ready for home!
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Re: Ice skating at Warwick Castle

Thank you for a lovely and interesting thread with great pictures @gmarkj .

Brought back lots of memories of when I last visited Warwick Castle many years ago [but I never went ice skating].

I hope you and your family has a great day out and congratulations again on your win - well deserved thumbsup 


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Re: Ice skating at Warwick Castle

I love Warwick Castle and the fact it's so close to where I live. I have been many times (though not for ice skating)

I have seen the jousting and flights of birds of prey. A beautiful building and yes you need to be fit to see it all. Though you can stay for an (expensive) weekend.

Thanks for the pictures @gmarkj. So pleased you enjoyed your ice skating experience. That's a new one on me! 

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Re: Ice skating at Warwick Castle

Great pictures!
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Re: Ice skating at Warwick Castle

I've never been to Warwick Castle so appreciate the pictures @gmarkj  Some great views after the climb smiling

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Re: Ice skating at Warwick Castle

Hello @gmarkj I have always wanted to go to Warwick Castle

Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos

Glad you and your family had a great day out

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Re: Ice skating at Warwick Castle

Hi @gmarkj
Thank you for a very interesting walk-through Warwick Castle. The views are lovely. Poor child under that armour helmet with visor down🙃 so funny!
Great photos too. Noticed lots of decorated Christmas trees very festive. Well done to brave the skating too. Very pleased you enjoyed the day out.

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Re: Ice skating at Warwick Castle

You captured some great photos there @gmarkj! I'm really pleased you had such a great day at Warwick Castle. Thanks for sharing. cool

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