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EU Roaming Changes from 15th June 2017 “CONTRACT ONLY" Modification 19th March 2018

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Roaming Changes from 15th June 2017 “CONTRACT ONLY


PAY AS YOU GO Info https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Pay-Monthly-and-Pay-Go/Roaming-Changes-from-15th-June-2017-PAY-AS-YOU-...


From the 15th June 2017 all EU networks have to offer “free” roaming from one EU country to another (Only when roaming in another EU Country other than your own, for us this would be UK.)

However there a number of things that people need to be made aware of and what it all means to them.

Which Countries are included in the new rules from the 15th June 2017


French Guiana


Reunion Islands








Saint Barthelemy




Saint Martin

Canary Islands*



San Marino









Czech Republic









Isle of Man






Vatican City






*Canary Islands include Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura

*Spain Includes, Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza.

*France includes Corsica.

*Italy includes Sardinia.

*Portugal includes Madeira


*Cyprus ** Southern Cyprus only is part of the EU

**Northern Cyprus is Turkish and therefore normal rates will apply. Unless you have o2 Travel

Terms and conditions here on o2 Travel



More info on O2 Travel here



There may be other little Islands that I could have missed, but if you are not sure, please ask.


The EU only brought the law in if you were roaming in another EU country then to call another EU country.  Ie Roaming in Southern Ireland back to Northern Ireland. This will come out of your allowance if you have one or any left.


You can call people in the EU as long as they are registered with a UK network.  Ie you are calling a friend in Spain but there network is Vodafone in the Uk, this is classed as a normal call to you as you are not ringing a foreign number


Ringing any foreign number like Southern Ireland from Northern Ireland ie +353 and then the number is classed as a international number.  If your in Souther Ireland and calling a Southern Ireland number, then it is covered as long as you have mins etc.


Note if you are calling a friend / family who live on Isle of Man and Channel Islands and have a SIM card from one of their networks there. Then you will be charged as this is classed as international roaming from the UK as they don’t have UK networks.


it can get a little confusing


Now this is one of the myths that people are miss understanding “Free” or “No Extra Charges


When you are roaming in one or the above places, you now take you own home UK free allowance. This is Mins, SMS and DATA.


So lets say For example, you only have 500 MINS, 1000 SMS and 500mb of data, then this is all you would be able to use before charges apply before your next billing date.
But what if I’ve already used some Mins from my 500 MIN allocation – Then you can only use what you have left before charges apply.

You always need to check the MY o2 app or O2 Website for uptodate allowences and any charges you may have incured.


I have Unlimited Mins and SMS – Then Fair Usage policy applies in one of the above Countries. “O2 Reserve the right for removing the service and making you pay for any charges if you abuse the service”



What is included with Mins and SMS

You can call/SMS the country you are visiting (Or one of the above countries) and back to the UK.

It’s the same with what you can use your MINS/SMS for now.

Premium Calls/SMS are chargeable as they would be in the UK, so would 0845, 0870 and other Chargeable numbers as per the UK list


If you are making calls to family and friends etc. and as long as you wouldn’t be charged when you would call them in the UK, then you will be fine for when you are roaming in above country



Data Services Abroad - Currently O2 has 4G roaming in 22 countries as of the 31st July. 

These are Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Isle of Man and Australia.

We know in Germany it’s with O2-DE.

4G in Spain is probably be on Telefonica?

4G in Czech Republic is probably be on O2-CZ

4G in Isle of Man may be on Manx Telecom? As Telefonica used to own them.

4G in Australia.  Not sure on this one? Note this is not part of EU roaming. Only a for 4G availability. 

If any one knows could you please PM me and I will update the info.  Thanks


You can find the remaining countries that have 4G roaming here


All other networks you connect to overseas will either be 3G or 2G so Data may be slower than it is in the UK.

You can use all the services as you would do normally in the UK, but O2 won’t guarantee the speed or if the services will work.

Data speeds will also be slower in Peak Season

More info can be found on o2 key facts page regarding Speeds overseas




How much Data is included – At present, you are able to use all your free Data Allowance in any of the above Countries. So if you have a 20GB allowance in the UK, you can use either all or what is ever left, when you visit one of the above places. You are also able to buy Extra Data if you run out just as you would be able to in the UK and its the same price and bundle as you would buy in the UK too.



Picture Messages are chargeable as they would be in the UK, check your own contract for charges as there not all the same price.


O2 Travel InclusiveIf traveling outside of Europe you may want to consider the O2 Travel Inclusive bolton which gives you inclusive data roaming in 27 international destinations. 


Why all of a sudden for the changes.

The EU made it law that Mobile Networks in the EU were to abandon charges to each other for Mobile customers when overseas. It’s been about 10 years in the making with charges being slowly wiped out over the last 10 years.


However there are caveats and if your own Mobile network thinks you are abusing the service then they can remove it and charge you for everything when roaming.


The services is for when you are going on holiday or short breaks. If you are going to be in a country for longer than a month or 2 then this is not classed a holiday or short break, so you need to be careful or you could receive a bill. O2 will SMS you first if this is about to happen and I would suggest you speaking to O2 customer care on 202 (Free from abroad on you o2 mobile) to verify or check anything.



I can see countries that are not a part of the EU or are EEA.

Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland – Are part of the EEA, but are included in the No Extra cost roaming from O2.

Switzerland is not part of the EU / EEA, but O2 have included this (Not for PAYG)

Monaco, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey are again included (But not on PAYG)


More Info on Roaming from the 15th June can be found here



To Learn more about Roaming it self, visit here



For any Roaming charges visit here https://www.o2.co.uk/shop/international 


** Please remeber that this is a customer forum run buy the Public so we would not be able to answer any billing questions etc, but alot of people on here including my self are very knowledgable on Roaming, so for any questions please ask. 


There are no stupid questions ask, if you have to ask it then we have either not covered it, or we may have not made it clear some where else.



*** Please note that the above information was correct as of 29th May 2017, it is your responsability to always check for the correct information and or charges that may apply ***




5th Feb 2018 - Slight changes to wording, added 1 4G roaming country and added little info regarding Cyprus and Turkey. Links to o2 Travel + Terms and link to KFI


19th March 2018 - Added the info for 5x 4G roaming countries and a few tweeks in wording


We also do not know what will happen when we leave the EU. but while we are still in Europe the above will apply.

Current info in what all networks are saying regarding roaming in EU after Brexit or when we leave the DSM (Digital Single Market)

Website below






on ‎07-12-2017 21:51

Please do let us know how that goes @JimKelly 😀

‎05-02-2018 20:59 - edited ‎05-02-2018 21:01

@Anonymous I’m afraid  you will get no where with writing to the ombudsman regarding any charges  you incurred from Northern Ireland.


the EU law made the changes that only when roaming in another EU country that isn’t your own that you will be able to take your home allowance with you,


if if you are calling from Northern to Southern Ireland then you be charged accordingly as this is still classed as international roaming.


Same for people living in Southern Ireland to call Northern Ireland. It’s classed as roaming for them too.



its all very confusing.  But if you have a Uk network then Can call other uk networks ie EE, Vodafone, Three.  

Evem if the people are abroad, you are still only ringing a Uk number.


note Chanel Ireland’s and Isle of Man are still classed as international roaming as they don’t have Uk networks.


on ‎05-02-2018 21:02

Minor update to the front page.  Little more info on there for people to read. 

on ‎06-02-2018 10:59

Cheers for this too @darrengfthumbsup Much appreciated!

on ‎19-03-2018 00:28

Morning all


New update on 5x 4G networks abroad and little info on statements regard what’s currently happening re Brexit.


on ‎19-03-2018 06:24

Thanks for updating the guide to make it more current @darrengf Smiley Wink

on ‎19-03-2018 12:10

Thanks for the updates @darrengf!



on ‎13-04-2018 22:58
Was happy to arrive in Amsterdam this morning with 4G with KPN NL! Solid signal. Really wasn’t expecting 4G and it’s great being able to use maps properly!
on ‎13-04-2018 23:48

Excellent news @Anthony1002 Another one to add to the list.Smiley Wink

on ‎14-04-2018 02:34

4G seems to be spreading across the EU now. Good to hear 😃

on ‎23-04-2018 21:57
Was in Italy (near Florence) last week. ~25Mbps. Finally.
on ‎23-04-2018 22:02

Was that 4G @PaddyR? If so that's another one to add to the list.

on ‎24-04-2018 09:04
It was.
on ‎24-04-2018 09:26

That's great news @PaddyR. So we can add Italy to the list of 4G countries Smiley Wink

on ‎24-04-2018 09:35


Is there anything that can be done about the settings for these blog posts please?

If we have a new notification, it doesn't take you to the new post, you are taken to the original blog. Which then entails scrolling through pages of posts to get to the one you need to reply to!

You could scroll to the bottom of the first page and click on the last page (ie page 4) and then scroll down that way to get to the new post.

It's time consuming and we could be missing important info.

For instance @PaddyR has kindly let us know that O2 has now enabled 4G in Italy. 

It took an awful lot of effort to find that out..Smiley Sad

on ‎24-04-2018 10:06

I’ve also heard that 4G has also now been realised in 


You can now use your o2 4G phone in - Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Channel Islands, Czech Rep, France, Germany, Isle of Man, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, Uruguay and United States!


This info is of Twitter but o2 has kept tight lipped. It was realised by one of the o2 business. 


Also Sweden has been mentioned as 4G as well. 


@Marjo Are you able to confirm the countries that now offer 4G.