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iPhone SMS

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just got the iPhone which I love, but I find texting a real chore, as part of my work involves fowarding txt. Is there an app out or on the way . Please help

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iPhone SMS

unfortunatly this is not a feature that is available and there are no programs to help around this issue.

but to be fair if you need to foward messages you should have bought a proper phone Smiley Very Happy lol
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iPhone SMS

I find this really bad,i fowarded loads of text messages,but with iphone you cant,surely a phone as brilliant as this should
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iPhone SMS

What you have to think of is that the iphone is a US branded phone.

The US Branding and features are vastly different to the rest ofthe world.

Texting and picture messgaing in the us are not as popular as talking and ptt (Push to Talk)

There has been mention that the next update should give some features what the rest of the world currenlty use like mms and forward sms etc.

Sorry cant be more help
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iPhone SMS

Hee Hee-thats funny David!!!!! Smiley Very Happy
i would rather buy a pen&paper than have an Iphone, can u actually do ANYTHING with them apart from send Emails????
When I upgrade my phone that is exactly what i do- UPgrade-id never get something with far less features and a basic camera that 3year old handsets started out with.
Come on 02-wake up and notice there are sensible people out here too and we want decent phones that do stuff!!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy