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Why does Unlocking iphone take so long?

So i have sent the form on the app to unlock the form. It would seem like this should be a totally auomated process yet i'm getting told it takes 72 hours?


do O2 use carrier pigeons to send the request? or is a decision to make it slow to try and put people off from changing network? I can't think of any legit reason for a tech firm not to have an IT solution to this which is swift and automated.

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Re: Why does Unlocking iphone take so long?

Same reason it takes O2 10 days to give you a refund. They have timescales for everything. It's usually done faster than the three days. It isn't automated as such. Someone has to receive that form, check it and then send the request to Apple. From then its automated. 

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Re: Why does Unlocking iphone take so long?

The delay's are due to manual processing of the request at both ends.
Once Apple receive the request, they have to enter the IMEI on the system so it's recognised as unlocked.
Android takes slightly longer as a code is required which is sent back from the manufacturer to o2 before been sent onto the customer.
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